Episode 24: Honoring the Process

relationships Jan 11, 2021

Honoring the Process

I'm showing up and I'm sharing this with you because I know I am not alone and I know that this experience is opening me up to love deeper for myself and for my partner. I am so grateful for the lessons for the way that this journey has been and I know that where it's going is exactly where it needs to go. 

The purpose of recording this today isn't to sit here and sob and be sad, but to really honor processing and feeling of emotions, something that's really been resonating and coming up is how we're not taught to feel what we're really feeling to just honor the fact that you can be sad to honor the fact that you can be hurt and to just make space. When we give ourselves permission to feel and move this energy through our bodies, we can all come out as that. We can transmute it and we can use it to create courage and strength and show up as the people that we are meant to be.

I think so many of us don't give ourselves space to feel these emotions....

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Episode 23: Letting Go of Something

Letting Go of Something

I'm coming to you today with a little bit different energy, then 2020. At the end of last year, Matt and I broke up, we ended our relationship container. We had to let go of something good to make space for something.

This is one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I know some of you might be shocked and as I reflect back on the last year, I know that I have so much to share and so many lessons that have come through this experience over the last year, even though we were spending so much time together, we slowly drifted apart. I so badly wanted for us to thrive and love deeply and intimately. We weren't living in integrity and I wasn't honoring myself and my purpose or the type of partnership that I truly desired and know that I deserve my heart has been breaking over and over. I cried more tears than the last week then I think I did in the entirety of 2020, because I'm still so in love with him.

Just because you're in love,...

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Episode 22: Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Today I want to introduce you to Michelle Coops and we're going to talk all about being a brand rebel today. I would love for you to give us a little introduction and how you shine your light on the planet and what your story is and what makes you, you.

Michelle: I'm looking at the world and I see all these amazing people, all of these amazing souls who are on some level, all of us are still feeling like we need to adjust a little bit. Like we need to show up in a way that society tells us to as if you know the rules outside of us, not our rules, not our truth, but you know, the rules outside of us are determining how we need to lead our lives and I'm looking at a lot of people who are not fully happy with that. They're not really feeling, feeling whole and there is a level of, you know, feeling stuck or tied up kind of like there's this contraction and I am no different obviously, but the thing is, you know, we've...

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Episode 21: Pleasure Requires Intimacy and Presence

intimacy pleasure podcast Dec 21, 2020

Pleasure Requires Intimacy and Presence 

Pleasure is not just this physical sexual experience. When we think about pleasure, there are so many different ways that we can connect with and experience it within our daily life. When you start to think about pleasure, think about all the things that are pleasurable to you in your daily life, whether that's from the moment you wake up and you lay in bed and you can feel the soft warmth of the blankets, or maybe your partner laying next to you, take a moment to just inhale and bring in the sensation of pleasure.

Those little moments of pleasure throughout your day are a way to root down into presence. When you can start to focus on what feels good, you can start to be able to see pleasure in so many different areas of your life, whether that's your movement practice and how you move your body. If you are exercising or doing yoga or going for a walk, focus on how good it feels to move your body, maybe it's the food that you eat,...

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Episode 20: Relationship Ready with Heidi B

podcast relationships Dec 14, 2020

Relationship Ready with Heidi B 

I am so honored and so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Without further ado, I want to introduce you to my friend, Heidi. Heidi is a relationship expert. She is an author. She is a coach.

Heidi: I left my cubicle job as a crime analyst in 2018 in order to pursue my passion, which was to write this book called Relationship Ready. The book is half how-to and half memoir, because I think it's so important if I'm going to ask people to share vulnerably, to reflect deeply, and to do some writing around this stuff, I need them to know that I've done it and what it looked like for me. I realized that I put everything on blast, not only to inspire my readers but also to make sure that every woman who is suffering out there in their relationships knows that she's not alone.

Other women need to know how to do this. I know I'm not alone.

Kendall: That's exactly it. It's like other...

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Episode 19: Reframing Male Sexuality and Outperforming a Pornstar with Cam Fraser

podcast Dec 07, 2020

Reframing Male Sexuality and Outperforming a Pornstar with Cam Fraser

Kendall: Today, we have an incredible guest coming all the way from Australia. His name is cam Fraser and he is Australia's leading sex coach sexologist. 

I would love for you to just jump right in and tell us a little bit about your background, who you are, how you've come to this space and really what your mission is on the planet and how you bring that light onto the world.

Cam: I studied psychology and philosophy over in America. It was in rural Georgia and the tagline of the school was unapologetically Baptist. It was very religiously conservative. The class that I took there, that really kind of sparked my interest in pursuing human sexuality in an academic sense was called Christian approaches to human sexuality. There was a complete lack of education around contraception and sexual health. I was kind of putting all the pieces together like, whoa, this is kind of...

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Episode 18: A voice, a choice, and an opinion with Dominnique Karetsos CEO and Co-Founder of the Healthy Pleasure Group

A voice, a choice, and an opinion with Dominnique Karetsos CEO and Co-Founder of the Healthy Pleasure Group

Kendall: Today we have a really incredible and very special guests joining us. I'm so honored to introduce our guests today. We have Dominique who is the CEO and Co-founder of the Healthy Pleasure Group.

Dominnique: My story really started, when I became  a mOm without knowing I was a mom. I was pregnant at the time and I had been offered an opportunity to come and talk on BBC radio as a co-host and as a guest. If you don't know this about me, I'm quite opinionated. I grew up with the notion that I had a voice, a choice and an opinion, but it doesn't mean that it always would go your way. I started to talk about things like menstrual periods and pleasure and racism. Then I had my baby girl and it was a really low for a lot of moms. It was a really lonely time and postnatal, depression, wasn't really a topic. I started to really question and this...

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Episode 17: Living Gratefully with Grandma

gratitude podcast Nov 23, 2020

Living Gratefully with Grandma

I would like to introduce you to my Grandma who will be sharing her wisdom with us today.

I'm super excited to have you spend some time with me today and I just so value your, your wisdom and your knowledge and your experience. I think that you offer just an invaluable perspective and you're so connected with God and spirit and source that you just get all these beautiful divine downloads. And I was hoping that you could share a little bit of your wisdom with us.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you were born, where you were from, what was your life like growing up? Where did it all begin for Annette Louise?

Grandma: I begnaand Wooster, Ohio, and I was born to my mother and father who had all ready three.I have been so blessed with beautiful family and all I ever wanted to do was make them happy and proud. My father came from Montebello, Italy, and he came in on a boat and up on a train that stopped in Wooster, Ohio and he knew...

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Episode 16: Asking For More Intimacy

Asking For More Intimacy

This is Soul Saturations, the podcast, a transformational container to activate the light within you. I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations.

I want to give you just a little quick overview of communicating and asking for more intimacy in your relationships. As we know, communication in relationships is one of the most important topics for us to have a really healthy relationship in all areas of that. This particular example is kind of ringing true for me and quite a few of the women that I have been coaching over the last couple of weeks is how do we start to ask for more intimacy, more sexual relationships in our day to day life, especially as we look at the current state on the planet, more people are spending more time than other ever with their partners, and it's maybe not as intentional as they want it to be.

When we look at talking about intimacy and our physical relationships, it is a totally natural human desire...

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Episode 15: Shifting Into Grace Through Gratitude Of The Present Moment

Shifting Into Grace Through Gratitude Of The Present Moment

I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations. We are here to deeply connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality in relationships, business, and life so you can access your power and remember your true presence.

As we get started, I would like to take a moment to honor the container and bring some awareness to our space and energy today, as you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, I want you to start by having a moment of gratitude for something in your life. That could be the current present moment of just taking a moment to breathe. It could be somebody in your life or something that you're working on. And as you tune into this energy of gratitude, feel it move through your body. As you breathe deeper, focus on expanding that gratitude to every cell in your being and feel that energy start to move and flow through your body, as well as out into your space around you. As we tune...

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