Episode 17: Living Gratefully with Grandma

gratitude podcast Nov 23, 2020

Living Gratefully with Grandma

I would like to introduce you to my Grandma who will be sharing her wisdom with us today.

I'm super excited to have you spend some time with me today and I just so value your, your wisdom and your knowledge and your experience. I think that you offer just an invaluable perspective and you're so connected with God and spirit and source that you just get all these beautiful divine downloads. And I was hoping that you could share a little bit of your wisdom with us.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you were born, where you were from, what was your life like growing up? Where did it all begin for Annette Louise?

Grandma: I begnaand Wooster, Ohio, and I was born to my mother and father who had all ready three.I have been so blessed with beautiful family and all I ever wanted to do was make them happy and proud. My father came from Montebello, Italy, and he came in on a boat and up on a train that stopped in Wooster, Ohio and he knew somebody there and they were friends and he got off and he kind of made that as home. That was the home of my mother who was born right there in Wooster, Ohio, and the house next door to where I was born. She was 34 at the time I was born and my father was 44 and I would say to her, was I planned? And she says, please be quiet.

Kendall: Tell us a little bit about your parents' relationship

Grandma:It was a deep relationship, which I think was based on their faith and their family before them, that they got their root for their faith brought them together and their feelings for each other. I don't think were ever expressed in an outward way. I just always admired their hard work. My gosh, they came here with nothing. My father came with nothing and he built a construction company that got us through all our life and probably some year life, a lot of things that he was just really successful because they worked together. She worked in the business, he did the negotiating and she made the bills.

Grandma: I do remember my mother making a comment to my father, something about, you don't have to make a lot of money. And he says, well, tell me what you do without money.

Kendall: I mean, money is an energy it allows and it provides, and it's a circulation of energy to be able to put the wine in our glass and the potato chips in our bowl

Kendall: If you think about when you were growing up and in high school, um, what was the conversation like in what year were you in high school? In 1956 and previously in high school, what was the conversation like amongst your peers around dating and sexuality and relationships and things?

Grandma: Boy, we sure didn't have much. Probably nothing. Uh, you did know when you liked, somebody and, you did tell people that yeah, he's really cute.

Kendall: What was sex education like?

Grandma: I never asked any questions and also to your friends, you had your parameters, them with your beliefs, how you kept things to yourself and prayed about a lot of things.

Kendall: How did you and grandpa go from dating to the next step?

Grandma: We dated, it was all through college, but my senior year in college, I went to the Cleveland clinic and so I was not on campus. We kind of made a commitment that way that, um, we would get married. I said, the first thing I want to do is graduate from college because I wanted to pay my parents back by making them proud and I wanted to do that and work for a year.

Kendall: What's your perspective on when you're in partnerships, still having your own goals?

 Grandma: I think you become a better person when you have your own goals, because you want to be the best version of yourself for the person you love. And for the people you are raising, you want to be a great mother. And so you need your own goals to accomplish stuff, but not make it the central thing

Kendall: How did you and grandpa maintain a healthy, intimate relationship?

Grandma: We both agreed on our goals, what we wanted from our marriage children

Kendall: When we think about kind of this journey that we're on together, when you look at your children and grandchildren, what do you wish for them in their relationships?

Grandma: I think it's always been the same sentence. Make God the center of your life and everything else falls into place. Everything, your job, your relationships, your friends.

Kendall: It's one of the best gifts is to be able to make people feel that they do feel safe so that they can have breakthroughs and transformations that feel closer to their partners and that's a real gift.


During today's episode we cover:

  • How did my grandma grow up and what was her family like?
  • What was her parent's relationship like?
  • What were the conversations like around sexuality and relationships around 1956?
  • What was sex education like around 1956?
  • When did she meet her husband?
  • How did religion play a role in her relationship?
  • How she went from dating to the next step with her husband?
  • What is her perspective on having your own goals?
  • What were some of her best memories with her husband?
  • What were some of the challenges she experienced in her marriage?

Memorable Moments:

  • "Money is an energy it allows and it provides, and it's a circulation of energy..." - Kendall
  • "Everyone is entitled to their own" - Grandma
  • "I think you become a better person when you have your own goals, because you want to be the best version of yourself for the person you love." -Grandma
In light, in love, and in gratitude, K
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