Episode 30: Creating A New Container with Dr. Matthew Zanis

relationships Feb 22, 2021

Creating A New Container with Dr. Matthew Zanis 

Kendall: Another episode of Soul Saturations, the podcast we are getting ready to close up our four part series with Dr. Matthew Zanis

Matt: I think we both needed to realize not only the gifts that we have as individuals, but the gift of our relationship and what we have together. And that would not have been possible without hitting some level of rock bottom

Kendall: Well, and I think that's when we get into these dark nights of the soul, right. Where we feel like, how am I going to get out of this? I think when we are in that point of low, it does, it, it literally pulls us all the way down into the ground to say, how am I going to survive? And that's where we get to make a choice and how we rise above it and how we move forward, um, after some of those experiences. I know for me, it was definitely that catalyst that I needed, the hurt, the pain, the fear, the worry, all of that really was the catalyst to, as you...

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Episode 29: Making Space for Clarity

relationships Feb 15, 2021

Making Space for Clarity 

Kendall: There's always an opportunity for us to get back to basics, to like reset refocus. In the month of December, that was really when I poured into my own kind of perspectives of what, what, what do we need, what do I want, what would I want for this? That was the birth of a new coaching program for something that I want to roll out with Soul Saturations called Priority Partnership because I truly believe that if we can put the priority into our partnership, our partners, our love, our relationships, then we have the support system to be able to show up and do everything else that we want in life. That was absolute opposite of what was happening in our world. That was one of those kind of silver linings was I was able to get really crystal clear on what we needed and what we want and at least what I needed and wanted at that time. At this point, you weren't really into it. Priorities. I think we're aligned a little bit of a different...

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Episode 28: Realities, Lessons and the gift of contrast with Dr. Matt Zanis

relationships Feb 08, 2021

Realities, Lessons and the gift of contrast with Dr. Matt Zanis 

Kendall: We are tuning back in with Dr. Matthew Zanis. As we start to look at this part of our journey, we're looking at the humanity of it. You know, I think we're all human. We all have moments in life that test us and challenge us and make us who we are today. It is absolutely no surprise that there is a lot of intensity on the planet and there has been for the last year. Just to start off with a reminder that everything that's happening for you is exactly perfect for you, where you are on your journey is exactly where you're meant to be. And all of these experiences that show up for you or giving you a window into your own growth, your own evolution, and it's your curriculum that you're meant to move through. And so I think we talk a lot about lessons that we were, we have learned over the last year together. And I think that without these lessons, without this journey, we wouldn't be sitting where...

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Episode 27: Forever and Always with Dr. Matt Zanis

relationships Feb 01, 2021

Forever and Always with Dr. Matt Zanis

Kendall: Today I get to introduce you to my lovely partner in crime, Dr. Matthew, Janice. Today, we decided to sit down and record this podcast, to share a little bit about our journey and where it started. And we are going to really focus the month of February on this idea of love, because why not? It's Valentine's day, it's February. Everybody's talking about love and relationships and, you know, hot date nights and all of the sex and all sorts of great things. So we decided to share our journey and our story of just kind of where we are or how we got to where we are right here in this present moment, which started nothing less of a giggle Fest. 

We're going to take it laid back and kind of start to share where Matt and I met and where we really started our journey because even though as most of you know, who've been following along and listening to our journey, even though Matthew and I closed our container at the end of 2020, it...

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Episode 24: Honoring the Process

relationships Jan 11, 2021

Honoring the Process

I'm showing up and I'm sharing this with you because I know I am not alone and I know that this experience is opening me up to love deeper for myself and for my partner. I am so grateful for the lessons for the way that this journey has been and I know that where it's going is exactly where it needs to go. 

The purpose of recording this today isn't to sit here and sob and be sad, but to really honor processing and feeling of emotions, something that's really been resonating and coming up is how we're not taught to feel what we're really feeling to just honor the fact that you can be sad to honor the fact that you can be hurt and to just make space. When we give ourselves permission to feel and move this energy through our bodies, we can all come out as that. We can transmute it and we can use it to create courage and strength and show up as the people that we are meant to be.

I think so many of us don't give ourselves space to feel these emotions....

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Episode 23: Letting Go of Something

Letting Go of Something

I'm coming to you today with a little bit different energy, then 2020. At the end of last year, Matt and I broke up, we ended our relationship container. We had to let go of something good to make space for something.

This is one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I know some of you might be shocked and as I reflect back on the last year, I know that I have so much to share and so many lessons that have come through this experience over the last year, even though we were spending so much time together, we slowly drifted apart. I so badly wanted for us to thrive and love deeply and intimately. We weren't living in integrity and I wasn't honoring myself and my purpose or the type of partnership that I truly desired and know that I deserve my heart has been breaking over and over. I cried more tears than the last week then I think I did in the entirety of 2020, because I'm still so in love with him.

Just because you're in love,...

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Episode 22: Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Today I want to introduce you to Michelle Coops and we're going to talk all about being a brand rebel today. I would love for you to give us a little introduction and how you shine your light on the planet and what your story is and what makes you, you.

Michelle: I'm looking at the world and I see all these amazing people, all of these amazing souls who are on some level, all of us are still feeling like we need to adjust a little bit. Like we need to show up in a way that society tells us to as if you know the rules outside of us, not our rules, not our truth, but you know, the rules outside of us are determining how we need to lead our lives and I'm looking at a lot of people who are not fully happy with that. They're not really feeling, feeling whole and there is a level of, you know, feeling stuck or tied up kind of like there's this contraction and I am no different obviously, but the thing is, you know, we've...

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Episode 20: Relationship Ready with Heidi B

podcast relationships Dec 14, 2020

Relationship Ready with Heidi B 

I am so honored and so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Without further ado, I want to introduce you to my friend, Heidi. Heidi is a relationship expert. She is an author. She is a coach.

Heidi: I left my cubicle job as a crime analyst in 2018 in order to pursue my passion, which was to write this book called Relationship Ready. The book is half how-to and half memoir, because I think it's so important if I'm going to ask people to share vulnerably, to reflect deeply, and to do some writing around this stuff, I need them to know that I've done it and what it looked like for me. I realized that I put everything on blast, not only to inspire my readers but also to make sure that every woman who is suffering out there in their relationships knows that she's not alone.

Other women need to know how to do this. I know I'm not alone.

Kendall: That's exactly it. It's like other...

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Episode 16: Asking For More Intimacy

Asking For More Intimacy

This is Soul Saturations, the podcast, a transformational container to activate the light within you. I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations.

I want to give you just a little quick overview of communicating and asking for more intimacy in your relationships. As we know, communication in relationships is one of the most important topics for us to have a really healthy relationship in all areas of that. This particular example is kind of ringing true for me and quite a few of the women that I have been coaching over the last couple of weeks is how do we start to ask for more intimacy, more sexual relationships in our day to day life, especially as we look at the current state on the planet, more people are spending more time than other ever with their partners, and it's maybe not as intentional as they want it to be.

When we look at talking about intimacy and our physical relationships, it is a totally natural human desire...

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Episode 13: Activating Your Relationship Potential with Magnetizing and Manifesting Your Ideal Partnership, feat. Heidi B

podcast relationships Nov 10, 2020

Activating Your Relationship Potential with Magnetizing and Manifesting Your Ideal Partnership

I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations. Today we give the final teaser for this epic container all about Magnetizing and Manifesting Your Ideal Partnership.

Heidi and I are both super passionate about this because we have both gone from dating Fuck bois to landing ROCK SOLID, super juicy relationships with Men we truly adore… and they adore us! Just because we are in these amazing relationships do not mean that it is easy.
Whether you are ready to kiss the fuck bois goodbye or up level your current relationship, or even just learn some new ways to connect with yourself, these are THE FUNDAMENTAL skills to take it to the next level and consistently give you things to learn and grow with!
This chat is all about what it means to magnetize and manifest your ideal partnership so let's get started!
Kendall: I want you to focus on...
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