Episode 23: Letting Go of Something

Letting Go of Something

I'm coming to you today with a little bit different energy, then 2020. At the end of last year, Matt and I broke up, we ended our relationship container. We had to let go of something good to make space for something.

This is one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I know some of you might be shocked and as I reflect back on the last year, I know that I have so much to share and so many lessons that have come through this experience over the last year, even though we were spending so much time together, we slowly drifted apart. I so badly wanted for us to thrive and love deeply and intimately. We weren't living in integrity and I wasn't honoring myself and my purpose or the type of partnership that I truly desired and know that I deserve my heart has been breaking over and over. I cried more tears than the last week then I think I did in the entirety of 2020, because I'm still so in love with him.

Just because you're in love, doesn't mean that you're supposed to be in a relationship. As I look at the things that I teach my clients and my community, I know that I have so much to offer and to share and especially from this part of my journey, because it is cracking my heart wide open, not only for my own growth and expansion, but to be able to hold the space for you, my community, and share with you the lessons that I've learned and the experiences that I've had. One of the things that I love to teach is three simple and not easy rules. Number one, don't settle. Number two, feel honored. And number three have fun.

Neither one of us we're meeting each other in this space and so at the end of the year, we decided to give each other space.

One of the hardest lessons that I like to teach my clients, and comes from my good friend, Heidi B, who some of you may know if you've listened to us some previous podcasts. One of the things that we like to teach is 30 days of no contact to give space, to breathe, to grieve and to process.

I have no idea of what's coming next and at this point, I have to honor the uncertainty and trust the unfolding. It is my intention to share this with you so that all of these lessons can come through and you can have a raw and real perspective of who I am and why I do the work that I do. I know that this isn't going to be easy. And I hope I pray that you hear something in my story that will connect you and show you that you're not alone and that you can deeply desire a partnership that loves you and honors you and meets every single one of those things on your checklist that is fun and fulfilling and passionate and gives you the best sex of your life. I know that this is so possible for me and for you. Thank you for holding space and sharing space with me. As I move through this journey, I'm this transformation that I know is allowing me to shine even brighter than I have before.

My intentions for this year, my focus for 2021 is to nourish not only myself but my community. I know that if I start with me, I can show up to be a stronger and more loving support system for you. My community of Soul Saturations, the work we are here to do is big. We are to change the world, and that takes courage of showing up in my full, most authentic version of me. The first place that I'm going to start to nourish me is through my health and my well-being. My body is my sacred temple, and I choose to honor her first.

I'm going to drink so much water. Water is so nourishing and it fills my cells with life and it helps move the energy through me. We're starting with water and honoring my sleep cycles. Being able to go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier and start the day with inspiration and motivation. Moving my body is a way to move my energy. I have committed every single day. So far this year, I've gone on a beautiful hike and spend time in nature. I've been doing more yoga and it feels so good. Of course, I've got to move some weights and I'm so excited to dance and to play and to move all the energy that exists around me. I've recommitted to my meditation and self-pleasure practice so that I can deeply connect with source and spirit.

I'm breathing deeper and more expansive so that I can feel that beautiful air move through my lungs. My nutrition is one of those most important foundations where I'm eating delicious nutrient, rich food and protein and nourishing my body in a way that feels good to me.

As I prioritize my wellness and my wellbeing this year, I know that it's creating a clean, strong, clear container so that I can show up and create the most radical transformation.

I recommitted to my spirituality. We had a beautiful, beautiful way that we started 2021 with my good friend, Katie Kylene and we prayed to 108 spiritual masters and teachers and saints. I know that not only are we praying for myself, but for each of you and that has brought me so much deeper in my own faith and my own trust in the divine in spirit and in my own sexuality is a key foundation in my life. Even if I don't have a partner, it is a way that I can access the divine and my humanity. I get to honor that beautiful creative life force energy that flows through me and allows me to show up as the brightest, most bad version of me. Stepping up, prioritizing myself, pleasure, practice even more so that I can get the most beautiful downloads and information to be able to show up and share with you.

The other word that I am anchoring down besides nourish is taking bold action. This podcast is one of the first steps in sharing this real and raw vulnerability of myself, of my human experience and the full range of emotions that I'm going through. It's time to play big because as I mentioned earlier, we are breaking the mold and shifting shame of sexuality, which has so much, and so many layers and depth to open and share in new and different ways. I'm also committing to writing my book this year. This was the first download that I ever got thinking about Soul Saturations and I know that 2021 is the year that the world is ready for it because we are innovating. We are showing up and we are changing this world of sexuality. One of the things I'm so excited to share with you is a new coaching program that I'm going to be rolling out this year called priority partnership.

I want you to imagine for a moment, someone in this state to say, my husband asked me if I was ever going to touch him again, as we look at what it takes to have a healthy partnership, there are so many layers and so much depth. Yet, one of the most common issues that people face is that they're not having sex or not having enough of that sex that sets their soul on fire. There are so many layers to this coaching program, and it is born out of my last two years of study experience. And most recently heartache, this is the type of partnership that I truly desire and I can't wait to share this journey with you. If you want more information about this upcoming coaching container, I'll put the link in the show notes so that you can jump in and get on the list to be the first to know about this beautiful transformational coaching container.

The other thing I want to share with you is I'm going to be moving a lot of my content and the depth of what I really want to share on to pleaseme.com. Most recently at the end of 2020 Instagram, and Facebook has implemented a lot more regulations and censorship. The content that I want to be able to share with you and the conversations I want to be able to have need a space and a container where it's not censored and it is fully consensual to share. If you are ready to dive deep into the conversations of soul-centered sexuality, I invite you to join the digital sexual revolution with me and show up on pleasedme.com. This is a beautiful container where my friend, Heather Montgomery, the CEO and founder of pleaseme.com has created a galaxy where you get to discover your sex sign based on a quiz that you take. You will be classified into a particular world that will give you access to your sexuality, ranging from sacred sexuality, into more risque or fetish type experiences so that you can explore the type of eroticism and sexuality that sets your soul on fire.

Of course, this platform of Soul Saturations, the podcast will be the place where you get to hear my story, my journey, and all the experts that are some of the greatest thought leaders in the world of sex, energy, business relationships and I promise that you will have a year packed full of value and knowledge and information for you to dive into.

Thank you again for being part of Soul Saturations. This work wouldn't be possible without each of you who is brave and courageous to have the conversations, to create the partnerships and relationships that you fully desire. And with that, I give you so much love and so much gratitude and know that I am always a safe space for you to ask any questions, share any stories or things that you may be going through. As I move through this transformation of my own, I am so grateful for you to witness it and be a part of my journey through healing. I love you so so much and to our guides, our team, our ancestors, and the angels, we give so much gratitude for holding them

During today's episode I talk about:

  • What am I leaving behind in 2021?
  • How am I prioritizing the Soul Saturations community?
  • What are my intentions for 2021 and what are my plans to achieve them?
  • Where can you find my content moving forward? 
  • How am prioritizing wellness in 2021?
  • How am I recommitting to my spirituality? 
  • What is my upcoming program all about?
  • How will I be taking bold action? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "This work wouldn't be possible without each of you who is brave and courageous to have the conversations, to create the partnerships and relationships that you fully desire."
  • "My body is my sacred temple, and I choose to honor her first."
  • "I have to honor the uncertainty and trust the unfolding."

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K


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