Episode 22: Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Bravely Choosing to Be Rebelicious with Michelle Coops

Today I want to introduce you to Michelle Coops and we're going to talk all about being a brand rebel today. I would love for you to give us a little introduction and how you shine your light on the planet and what your story is and what makes you, you.

Michelle: I'm looking at the world and I see all these amazing people, all of these amazing souls who are on some level, all of us are still feeling like we need to adjust a little bit. Like we need to show up in a way that society tells us to as if you know the rules outside of us, not our rules, not our truth, but you know, the rules outside of us are determining how we need to lead our lives and I'm looking at a lot of people who are not fully happy with that. They're not really feeling, feeling whole and there is a level of, you know, feeling stuck or tied up kind of like there's this contraction and I am no different obviously, but the thing is, you know, we've...

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