Episode 26: Sexual Communication for Pleasure Exploration with Vanessa Smith

Sexual Communication for Pleasure Exploration with Vanessa Smith

Kendall: I am so excited to introduce you today to my new friend, Vanessa. She is the founder of Pleasure Exploration, and we have connected as just two really super passionate advocates for sexuality and we're just going to have a really super juicy conversation. This is an opportunity for us to get together so welcome, Vanessa.  

Vanessa: Thank you for allowing me in your space and I've just been, so looking forward to this and really excited to get to know you better.

Kendall: Let's just jump right in. Tell us a little bit about you and how you show up in the world and what is your mission with pleasure exploration?

Vanessa: I want to start off that, you know, being forced in lockdown, quarantine back in San Francisco, you know, I had all this time on my hands being able to work. Full-time remotely said, you know what? This is now or never to really dive into the work that I really truly care...

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Episode 21: Pleasure Requires Intimacy and Presence

intimacy pleasure podcast Dec 21, 2020

Pleasure Requires Intimacy and Presence 

Pleasure is not just this physical sexual experience. When we think about pleasure, there are so many different ways that we can connect with and experience it within our daily life. When you start to think about pleasure, think about all the things that are pleasurable to you in your daily life, whether that's from the moment you wake up and you lay in bed and you can feel the soft warmth of the blankets, or maybe your partner laying next to you, take a moment to just inhale and bring in the sensation of pleasure.

Those little moments of pleasure throughout your day are a way to root down into presence. When you can start to focus on what feels good, you can start to be able to see pleasure in so many different areas of your life, whether that's your movement practice and how you move your body. If you are exercising or doing yoga or going for a walk, focus on how good it feels to move your body, maybe it's the food that you eat,...

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