Episode 54: Transmission of Pleasure AND Deep Emotion

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2021

Transmission of Pleasure AND Deep Emotion

Welcome back to another episode of Soul Saturations. The podcast today, I invite you to drop into pleasure, close your eyes and find that space of pleasure that exists in your body. Feel your body swaying, gently moving just in the shape of pleasure. Allow your breath to feel your body, to feel those spaces of pleasure that exists within you. Dance your fingertips across your skin. Feel your hair brush gently across your shoulders, flirt your ankles with the inside of your leg, rub your thighs together. Feel your hands, graze over your and caress your breasts. Breathe into those spaces of pleasure and move your body in a way that allows you to take the shape of that pleasure. Moving undulating, circling, rotating, reaching, and stretching, breathing into spaces that feel you with pleasure.

Our pleasure is our foundation is our lubrication for all energy and emotion to move through us. And within a pleasure is our doorway to feel deeply, to...

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Episode 53: Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Body Image

body image Aug 02, 2021

Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Body Image

Kendall: Welcome to another episode of the Sexy Soul Series.

I love this conversation of body image and that's a great, I mean, that was a really kind of high level meditation, but to really start to think about your physical body and why do you love each and every piece of it, whether it is the dimples in your chin or the curve of your hips, or, you know, the shape of your fingernails, whatever that may be, you have such a unique body and to really think about why you that and what it does for you and how it presents into the world as this unique human being. I think that's such a cool way to start. I love doing mirror work. I know we talk about this a lot, but to be able to do that in front of a mirror gives you a different way to look at your physical body.

Kelcy: I feel like I'm at this point in my life now where, you know, I have a healthy, I feel like I would say I had a healthy body image and I've done a lot of work...

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Episode 52: Is (The Person Iā€™m Dating) THE ONE?

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

Is (The Person I’m Dating) THE ONE?

Welcome back to another episode of soul saturations, the podcast. I'm so honored to be back with you again today. And I am just really loving channeling down these podcasts as they come intuitively based on what the themes are that I'm working with my clients and things that are alive in my life.

One of the themes that's been coming up a lot in my conversations this week with clients, with friends, with past clients and people who are looking to step into containers with me is how do I know if the person that I'm dating is the one. Now this is one of those things that we talk about all the time. It's something that we, we are constantly thinking about. Is he the one? Is she the one should I be putting in this work? Should I end it? Should I keep going? Where do I go? And personally, this is something that Matt and I have been through a lot over our last three years together. And guess what? We're human it's normal. It's something that of...

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Episode 51: You Are Radiant

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2021

You Are Radiant

I want to share a reminder something that has been coming up in my sessions with my clients, as well as a beautiful reminder that I have been tuning into and connecting why I want to remind you of the fact that you, you are radiant.

You are pure divine light, and you are exactly where you need to be when we can connect with the light that exists within us. When we can build a deep, intimate connection with them, our own pleasure, our own energy, our own radiance. We no longer need to seek external validation. Oftentimes we are looking for acknowledgement recognition validation from our lovers, our friends, our family, our clients, and the world around us. But if we can sit and tune into this loving connection within us, knowing that we are God's pure radiant light, then we are not separate from anything else that exists across all time and space, reality and dimension. We exist as love. Love is the thing that is always present. When we can connect with this energy of...

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Episode 50: The Power of Intention

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2021

The Power of Intention

Today's podcast is meant to be just kind of a quick riff on the power of intention. And this came to really dive in and become this podcast because I was having a, really, an it really inspiring conversation with a client of mine on the power of intention and what that can look like when it comes to soul centered sexuality. So this client of mine, um, has been working with me for a few months now and has experienced some radical, massive beautiful transformation. And when he started working with me, he was really looking to connect with a part of himself that he felt like he needed a little extra support. And I really honor his vulnerability, his authenticity, and really stepping into a place of you don't know what you don't know.

When my clients work with me, my, I work with a lot of purpose driven individuals and couples. So these people are purpose driven in every area of their life, their careers, how they choose their friends, uh, how they spend their...

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Episode 49: Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Talking about Sex and Sexuality

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Talking about Sex and Sexuality

Kelcey: Our topic for today is all about how to have the conversation about sexuality and about sex and how we can break those stigmas and get rid of the shame that society has put on us. So there's a lot to talk about today.

Kendall: I think a great place for us to start when it comes to talking about sex and sexuality is let's break down some definitions first, because I think whenever your people hear the S word, they get a little bit of freaked out and they think, oh God, we're talking about sex. We're talking about sexuality. And the other definition I like to bring up is the idea of sensuality. So let's start there and we'll, we'll like ease you in a little bit. 

Kendall: When we start to think about sensuality, the way I like to think about it is it is really connecting with your senses. Sight sound, taste, touch, smell, and really just what the energy in a space feels like. We can be really...

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Episode 48: Pleasure from the Earth with Deeper Blue Ceramics

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2021

Pleasure from the Earth with Deeper Blue Ceramics

Kendall: I am so excited to introduce you today to my friend, Amy, from Deeper Blue Ceramics. Tell us a little bit about Deeper Blue Ceramics.

Amy: I have been doing pottery for five, six years now and I started out trying a class at my local community center and I just fell in love with the medium. I absolutely love it. The ability to get out of your mind and into your hands and take a natural material. That's, you know, it's basically just mud, right? It's from the earth completely, completely natural, as raw as it gets and create something that can last a lifetime that's functional, that's beautiful, you know, any shape, any size, you know, and that's for the tableware and plan a plots and stuff, as well as what deeper blue ceramics is, which as you introduce just the or pleasure ones or whatever, you'd like to call them, I'm okay with anything.

I've been doing the G-rated ceramics for a few years and then I, um, I had a...

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Episode 47: Play for the Purpose of Pleasure with The 5th House

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Play for the Purpose of Pleasure with The 5th House

Kendall: I am so excited to introduce to you Ms. Alejandra Welsh. She is the founder of The 5th House, and I have just gotten the pleasure to get to know her through our friends over at Skirt Clubs. We'll dive into all the things. I just want to start off with a big welcome and thank you so much for joining us. Tell us a little bit about you and what is your big mission on the planet and how you shine your light?

Alejandra: You meet people from all walks of life and no matter what culture or religion that there was in that country. One thing that I noticed was that everyone was really having a hard time talking about sex and sex was the taboo and there was so much female oppression, no one, no matter what country you're in, it was very male dominated.

You can imagine in Latin America and Southeast Asia and middle east, even Europe, to some extent, well, anywhere, really and then so many of my experiences, which was...

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Episode 46: The Art of Oral Sex: Honoring Cock

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021

The Art of Oral Sex: Honoring Cock

As we get into today's episode, we are on to the art of oral sex part two honoring. Now this is the third episode in a really delicious three part series. We started off on the Sexy Soul Series with Kelsey Valletta giving you a high level overview of giving and receiving oral stacks And the last episode you heard was all about the art of oral sex honoring. As we start to talk about honoring, this is something that I love to discuss. 

As always as with a lot of sexual topics, people aren't talking about it so I want to take a moment just to honor that people don't always love giving head or receiving head. I do want to speak a little bit to the language that I'm going to be using. My experience is mostly in a heterosexual cis-gender relationships so the language that I will use most is man, and woman owner and this is a fully inclusive conversation. The energy is always inclusive And if you have questions of how this specifically applies...

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Episode 45: The Art of Oral Sex: Honoring Pussy

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021

The Art of Oral Sex: Honoring Pussy

This episode I hope is an opportunity for you to reconsider and reframe your perspectives. If you're maybe on the fence, if you already love giving or receiving oral sex, this is an episode to expand your mindset even more, to give you more tips, more tricks, more tools, things so that you can really expand your own art of oral sex and honor for the magic that exists there.

When we think about honoring giving oral sex, receiving oral sex, it's not just about the pleasure and the orgasm. If you've heard many of my other episodes, you know, that I talk a lot more about soul centered sexuality and connecting to the meaning behind it and oral sex is one of the ways that we can honor the woman, the vulva owner, the owner, and honor her thrill honoring her body. Now oral sex is something that is totally an art form. It takes practice. We don't just automatically know how to give good head. We don't automatically know how to pleasure a. When we...

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