Episode 50: The Power of Intention

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2021

The Power of Intention

Today's podcast is meant to be just kind of a quick riff on the power of intention. And this came to really dive in and become this podcast because I was having a, really, an it really inspiring conversation with a client of mine on the power of intention and what that can look like when it comes to soul centered sexuality. So this client of mine, um, has been working with me for a few months now and has experienced some radical, massive beautiful transformation. And when he started working with me, he was really looking to connect with a part of himself that he felt like he needed a little extra support. And I really honor his vulnerability, his authenticity, and really stepping into a place of you don't know what you don't know.

When my clients work with me, my, I work with a lot of purpose driven individuals and couples. So these people are purpose driven in every area of their life, their careers, how they choose their friends, uh, how they spend their time with their family, what they eat, how they move their bodies, where they travel. And even of course their romantic relationships in their intimacy. So being rooted in a purpose is really important for my clients. And when we start to look at where most people have come from when it comes to this idea of sexuality, is it tends to be very focused on the physical act. It tends to be focused on how many orgasms can you get and are you pleasuring your partner and all the other perspectives, experiences add in religious and family perspectives. And we tend to, again, not know what we don't know.

When my clients choose to step into a container with me, they don't always know what to expect. And that was somewhat the case for this client of mine, where he said, you know, I'm really looking to become a better lover, really start to bring more purpose to my sexuality. He came from a religious background and was looking to shift some of that deep seated shame that has been kind of ingrained in his karma and in his DNA. And he wanted to build just this beautiful relationship with his sexuality so that he could show up as his highest self with, for himself and for his partners. And that last part, he didn't really articulate. He didn't really know what that was about. He was really looking to be in a relationship. He had been single for quite a while and had been casually dating other women.

He was like, you know, I'm, I really want, I want to make sure that this next partnership I'm going to be in is meaningful and authentic and it's honoring what it could really be. And so that's why we started working together. So for hymns sex was always about the physical act, the idea of getting off, or how many orgasms can you experience a he's had this beautiful shift into soul centered sexuality through deepening his connection to self and the divine by deeply connecting and dropping into his physical body. We have had such beautiful conversations about this. What inspired this quick little podcast here is talking about the power of intention. So let's start off by thinking when we, we start to consider the power of intention, I always start off with the, my relationship to the divine. Divine spirit source God, whatever that means to you.

When we pray, when we meditate, we are setting intentions. We are asking to be of the light of the highest and greatest good and by setting this intention and really putting our whole heart and our energy into the power of these intentions, we trust that we are going to be supported and so are the intentions that we set our relationship with the divine is one of the most powerful ways that we can connect to self and connect to source. When we start to think about the power of intention, when it comes to our sexuality, this is how we drop into soul centered sexuality. It's really setting the container for how we want to show up how we want to connect with this energy. Our sexual energy is that sexual life force energy. It literally creates life. It is the most powerful, most beautiful and natural energy that we have access to at our fingertips at any time, time in our lives, in every day experiences, we can tap in and connect to the sexual energy.

When we can really set the container by bringing in the power of intention, we are really connecting with that sexual energy. And so often we are overcoming and reframing so many of these past experiences. When it comes to our sexuality, we have a lifetime of focusing on orgasms and pleasure and getting off and our sex lives as being just this physical act. That feels really good, where yes, it is a physical act that feels amazing, and there's so much more to it. When we bring in the power of intention, we're looking to drop into the physical body. Again. So many people today in the spiritual pop culture world are looking to reach enlightenment and transformation, and they spend a lot of time meditating and doing all these things where they're sitting with plant medicine and looking for transcendental experiences, but they don't actually know how to drop into the physical body.

Well, sex is something that everybody does everybody wants to do, or if they don't want to do it, maybe they want to do it some more. Sex is this natural thing that all people have a connection with. It is the doorway that I like to help people use to step in to this deep found connection with self, with the physical body. As for my client that I'm using, as an example here, he had a lot of shame about his self pleasure practice about his sexuality. So whenever he would self-pleasure, he would say, how quickly could he get to orgasm? Because he thought that was the, the box that he was supposed to check. Okay. I hit an orgasm. I'm good. I can go about my day. And what he found is that it always left him feeling kind of empty and maybe feeling a little tinge of guilt or shame.

As we started to dive into it, one of the first things that we did was we said, okay, how can you start to set an intention for yourself? Pleasure, practice. And so when we start to set intentions for this container for yourself, pleasure practice, you've heard me talk about this a lot. Um, and if you haven't, you can go back to one of my previous episodes on the honoring or self-pleasure practice. But when we're setting this intention, we're bringing forth the energy that we want to, that we want to be able to move forward. And so this was an energy that allowed him to create a self pleasure practice and a connection with his physical body that moved through the shame. At first you would still feel some of those tinges of guilt and shame. And as he brought more love, more intention and continued this self pleasure practice, he developed this incredible relationship with his physical body with himself.

He became more confident. His energy was so much more clear and stable, and he was just starting to magnetize the type of people that he wanted around. And that's what happened with the power of the intention of his self pleasure practice. So that was a way for him to connect, not only with his physical body, but also with the divine, his divine masculine consciousness with God. It became a way for him to start to open that doorway and walk through this connection of the human and the divine experience. And so, as we're diving in, when we're starting to think about the power of intention, when it comes to intimate experiences with a partner, we really started to dive into what does the power of intention look like in a partnered experience? The power of intention can bring so much healing energy. We were laughing, talking about the song, sexual healing, that it really is so healing.

When we can make space for that and set the intention, we get to feel that healing through every cell in our being and it radiates into every other aspect of our lives. As far as setting intentions for sexual experiences with our partner, this can be a couple of different ways. Of course, as you know, I always say reflect on your purpose, your intentions and your impact. So really starting to get clear reflections of what this means to you, not only what is your intention, but why are you setting the intentions in the first place? And what is that desired impact that you're looking to have when you show up with this energy? As you do that, you can get really clear on the intention that you're going to set. My client, in this example, he said, you know, I really want to be able to just make my partner feel really good.

I want her to feel this same shift around sex, where she's moving through that shame, where she can feel that much more radiant and free and comfortable in her body and in her sexuality. And I want to be able to do that through giving her pleasure. Ladies sounds nice, right? How many times would we love to receive that from our men, from our partners? And so he has this beautiful, pure intention of, I want to give to her. I want her to feel this shift, the soul centered sexuality and what the possibilities are of being fully dropped into your body, fully connected to the divine and feeling what that connection can be like with a partner. As you are setting an intention with your partner, this can be, uh, for one example, a spoken intention. You can have a conversation about it maybe before you make love, you sit down and you say, okay, like, we want to set some intentions here.

Let's really create the energy let's cleanse this space, make sure the room is nice and sit down and put our hands on each other's hearts and look into our eyes and speak our intentions aloud. Because when we speak our intentions into existence, it brings that much more power. It brings that much more energy to the intention. And it also is speaking it aloud to the divine, to our team, to our guides, to our angels, so that we can have all the support that we possibly can on these intentions. When the other person is hearing that intention, their energy is then fusing with that. And you now have the beautiful molding of both people's sexual energy. It's both partners, energies coming together for, for these intentions, for the intention of this love making session or sexual experience, it doesn't even have to be penetrative pleasure.

It could just be whatever your, your intimate experience may be. That's one way to really set the intention is by actually speaking it into existence, it can also be more of an energetic intention setting. That's why this reflection point for yourself ahead of time is so important so that you can have a clear energy and a clear transmission of what you want your sexual experience to be and what you want that energy and the intention to be that way. When you are meeting with your partner, you can have your hands on each other's hearts. You can look each other in the eye and take a deep breath together and just feel, feel the energy and the electricity moving between the two of you and honoring that each individual may have their own intention and that your intention together can be this beautiful, unspoken, energetic intention.

Each option is really a beautiful way to start to deepen the connection between the two of you and to expand the sexual healing, the sexual energy that's there. When we are thinking about the power of intention, something to really consider as you're setting intentions for both yourself, pleasure practice, as well as your sexual experiences with a partner is to remove the goal of orgasm. I know this sounds so counterintuitive. Why would you remove the goal of orgasm if you're having sex? Well, let's go back to how we were raised and how we start to think about our sexuality. We tend to be so focused on the orgasm or how many orgasms we can achieve believe that we tend to miss the journey to get there. Remember having this goal of orgasm, setting the intention around experiencing pleasure. Sure. Deep connection, healing, love being devotional to love that will allow our bodies to drop into the safety of the container, the present moment, and the subtle sensations that can be experienced, where our sexual experiences can be.

Their hand gently hovering against your skin. There. Many subtle sensations that we can drop into an experience when we're not focused on reaching a goal. We're just focused on being present in the moment. So your intentions that you've set in your self pleasure practice or your intimate sexual experiences with a partner can be anything from you want to magnetize more financial abundance in your life. You want to put energy on a particular project or client, um, issue that you're working through, or maybe it's something in your personal life that you're having challenges or communication breakdowns that you want to cause send some healing, energy and light to your intentions. Don't have to be simply sexual and presence, but it's about bringing forth that, okay. Energy and calling it from your truth of your heart bring that forward to be able to say, this is where I want to focus my energy and my intention. Now, as we start this off, we've talked about, we always begin with the purpose. Why do we want to set this intention in the first place as we set the intention and we have these beautiful soul centered sexual experiences, start to be aware of the impact that this is having on your life. For this one client that I've been talking to you about, he is happier than he has ever been. He is more centered, more grounded, more dropped into his body. He feels healthy. He's energized, oh, his he's stronger. He's hitting PRS and his lifts. He is doing all these things that are making his physical body feel strong because he's connected and circulating his sexual energy. It's even impacting his relationship with his family, where he feels more, present, more calm coming from a more responsive place rather than a reactive place.

Even in his career, he is allowing energy to move and transmute and, and fuse that and change just because of the connection that he has with himself and his sexual energy and then divine. That's where the impact comes to play. When you can really look at this from a 360 degree perspective, you can see that the purpose of why you want to drop in and connect with soul centered sexuality is so powerful and that allows your clear intentions of how you're going to make that come about and how you want to set that intention and ask for support from the divine to come through so that you can experience the impact of your entire life, your entire world elevating and taking you to the highest level that it possibly could be. If this is something that you want to deeply connect with, if you want to drop into soul centered sexuality, and you want to really embrace being a purpose, driven human being on this planet, a purpose driven soul so that you can experience beautiful and massive transformation and upleveling in your entire life, your romantic relationships, your sexual experiences, your connection with your friends, your family, your career, what you eat, how you move, where you're traveling and how you show up in life.

I invite you to reach out to me. I have a limited number of coaching sessions available for both individuals and couples for a long-term deep coaching container. If that's something you're interested, reach out to me, let's explore where you're at, where you've been, where you want to go to decide if this is right for you as always, thank you so much for your time, your presence, your energy. Let me know how this lands, what this feels like for you. And of course, so much gratitude to our guides for holding this space. Now, thanks so much. We'll talk.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • Where do we tend to start our journey of sexual exploration?
  • How does our perspective of sexuality impact the physical sex we are having with ourselves and partners?
  • What was this client’s journey of where he started?
  • What intention does he want to bring into existence through his sexual experiences?
  • What are two ways of setting the intention for your sexual experiences?
  • How does soul centered sexuality impact purpose driven individuals and couples?

Memorable Moments:

  • "When we start to look at where most people have come from when it comes to this idea of sexuality, is it tends to be very focused on the physical act. It tends to be focused on how many orgasms can you get and are you pleasuring your partner and all the other perspectives, experiences add in religious and family perspectives. And we tend to, again, not know what we don't know."
  • "When we pray, when we meditate, we are setting intentions. We are asking to be of the light of the highest and greatest good. And by setting this intention and really putting our whole heart and our energy into the power of these intentions, we trust that we are going to be supported. And so are the intentions that we set our relationship with the divine is one of the most powerful ways that we can connect to self and connect to source."

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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