Episode 48: Pleasure from the Earth with Deeper Blue Ceramics

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2021

Pleasure from the Earth with Deeper Blue Ceramics

Kendall: I am so excited to introduce you today to my friend, Amy, from Deeper Blue Ceramics. Tell us a little bit about Deeper Blue Ceramics.

Amy: I have been doing pottery for five, six years now and I started out trying a class at my local community center and I just fell in love with the medium. I absolutely love it. The ability to get out of your mind and into your hands and take a natural material. That's, you know, it's basically just mud, right? It's from the earth completely, completely natural, as raw as it gets and create something that can last a lifetime that's functional, that's beautiful, you know, any shape, any size, you know, and that's for the tableware and plan a plots and stuff, as well as what deeper blue ceramics is, which as you introduce just the or pleasure ones or whatever, you'd like to call them, I'm okay with anything.

I've been doing the G-rated ceramics for a few years and then I, um, I had a bit of a thought like just to myself, I don't really know where the inspiration came on. Maybe I was just feeling a particularly sensual type of woman that day. And I say, huh, I wonder if anyone's making crystal, um, ceramic. Cause I know that the crystal ones exists and stainless steel and gloss or some other natural materials and hard as opposed to, you know, the softer silicon's and plastics and traditional, um, and sex toys. And I was like, oh, why not? Like I wonder, and I did a little bit of research online and, you know, convince myself that it was totally safe. Um, and I found another couple of businesses that do it, um, one in Spain and one in the us. And so I was really excited by their work, but it's quite different to my aesthetic and what I had in mind.

I made a couple and I tried them myself and really enjoyed so I made some more, gave them to my girlfriends and I was like, Hey, what do you think of is? And they're just like, oh my God, this is amazing.

There was a massive massive event called sex boat. I'm not sure if they have them in America, but yeah, it was an event in Brisbane and that's where I launched my business. I had a little stall at this massive sex bows, surrounded by all the plastics and the traditional sex toys.

Kendall: How beautiful I love that journey of just a talking about the medium of ceramic, I think is such a beautiful medium. How much closer can we get to mother earth besides just creating art from dirt essentially, like it's beautiful.  I think that's something that is so appealing when people are looking at conscious products that they're putting in their bodies and like where it comes from and being able to be so just beautifully connected to our pleasure as something that is so much more than just reaching an orgasm and so being able to use that as the medium is beautiful.

Amy: And pleasures everything like, you know, sexual pleasure of course, but you know, the pleasure of a handmade teacup and, you know, just taking that moment, you know, there's pleasure everywhere in every moment of every day. You just have to look for it and be conscious of it when it's happening and, you know, clay and ceramics, you know, I, that, I first fell in love with the medium before I even got into it myself, but I first fell in love with it when I bought a handmade cup from this awesome Potter. Who's now a friend of mine. Um, and I just absolutely fell in love with that cup. Every time I would have a tea or lemon and honey or coffee or whatever, it was just such an amazing experience because of this raw handmade, you know, amazingness that she had created.

Kendall: I think when we look at people who are passionate about pleasure and about this, it's like, where are these beautiful pillars of light that exists all around the planet and to be able to bring that light together, to be able to support, other small businesses, but also just the movement in general, about being able to find pleasure within your day and any part of your day. It just takes it so much further and it becomes such a beautiful experience.

What did people say when they're walking past vibrating, silicone, and then they come across handmade, ceramic, what was some of the responses you received?

Amy: People just hadn't seen it before and so it was this new concept. I had lots of juicy conversations, which really planted that seed of a couple of different things. Firstly, the hard substance  and how that might feel in contrast to the smooth and softer ones. These are smooth, but the softer squishy ones, um, and a lot of those conversations I'm still having with people that have maintenance and make, uh, introduced to the product. The first time I have a couple of years that I've had fresh eyes.

Then particularly when you're using it for intentional pleasure. Um, I've really been enjoying this design here that I've got is, um, a chocolate swells or, you know, like a marble sort of effect. I've really been enjoying these. I've got a few different colors of these at the moment. Um, but the conversation why clay is so awesome and as a hard sensory material is as compared with some stuff to more traditional ones, the hardness I yeah. Personally and feedback from clients find it really enjoyable or the external message.

Then obviously for internal message as well, uh, you can control the pressure and exactly where you want to put the pressure. And so that's a nice contrast to some softer ones where maybe you don't have as much control as you would like. And, um, yeah, just the sensation. I mean, you know, everybody's pleasure is different. Everyone's, body's different people are going to be naturally drawn to different substances in different shapes and angles. So, you know, this isn't maybe going to be for everyone, but that's okay. Like pleasure. It's awesome. Um, these particularly, yeah, you can get exactly where you want to put the right amount of pressure that you want at the time for your body. You just have so much more control these.

Kendall: I think that the flare base is really great because that's one of the things that can be a challenge when you're using some other of different shapes, weather or materials, whether that's crystal or glass, is that if you don't have the base to hold on to, it can make it a little bit more challenging and then of course being harness compatible is great. Then of course, anal play is also so much fun so you want to make sure that you're being safe about what you're putting in there. 

Amy: That's the design features of the clay and then the really natural, beautiful qualities that are so important for being body safe as well. I glaze using food safe glazes. The same glazes that you'd get on your balls and your plates and your monks, which means that I are completely, non-toxic no nasty chemicals or leaching out at all, both the glaze and the way that the has been fired means that it's non porous. Even the, not the unglazed base, the way it's fired, it means that it's completely non porous. It's super hygienic and easy to keep clean, which is obviously very important as well and then it's non-allergenic as well. If anyone has sensitivity issues to like silicon's or latex or other, um, products, then this is going to be a really, really good option for them. Um, because it doesn't have any of those sensitivity issues whatsoever, and it's easy to keep clean, it's compatible with any lubricant.

Kendall: I think temperature play is such a fun way to experience pleasure because it's, it can be different and so to go back and forth between the different sensations, it's one of my favorite things and I'm in here Phoenix, Arizona, so we are in the, going into the peak of our summer. It is quite hot here. And so when it's cool, it's like so refreshing, it feels so delicious, but especially in the winter time feeling that temperature change and shifting into the warmth is so just like yummy and delicious in so many ways.

Talk a little bit, I know I personally have shared, but I love hearing different perspectives on slow pleasure and what are some different ways, um, that slow pleasure can feel differently? Um, I think, you know, we, I, haven't spent a lot of time on this podcast talking that much about it and it's something that I'm incredibly passionate about. So I would love to just riff with you a little bit about your perspectives on slow pleasure and why maybe better than other types of pleasure for a change.

Amy: For me personally, and then also some of the really nice conversations that I'm having with customers, or even with potential customers about what pleasure means to them. As I said, I've just come from a really big festival over the weekend and had lots of these conversations, lost my voice a little bit, excuse that plate but you know, slow pleasure, pleasure just generally, you know, it doesn't have to be sexual. And so you can, as I said, you can get pleasure anyway or in anything. Being able to actually just take that time, that as you started with your brief meditation at the start, you know, it's actually just bringing awareness to it and gratitude for things that feel good. That's just such an important part of being human, being a woman and, you know, life that's just, if you don't stop and notice, then you know, nothing, what is pleasures is just not even going to exist to you, like taking your mouth full of some delicious food and experiencing that sensation.

Kendall: As you said, like the potential of our pleasure in our bodies is absolutely limitless in what we can explore, what we can experience and being able to feel the subtle sensations, the most gentle touch, or being able to just connect with a type of touch that maybe we've never experienced before and to make space, to open up in a more vulnerable way. We get to sit with that. We get to feel the potential in our physical bodies. And it's like, wow, I can't believe that came from my body. But as you said, you just have to be open to the exploration.

Amy: Even if you're not quite sure about something, like just leaning into that in what feels safe, you know, and just experimenting like with the different sensations and, you know, you can experience like, you know, with anal play, you know, if you haven't tried it before, if you're open to it, you can ease in, in a safe, comfortable way and maybe just maybe a mind will open your body and you can experience this whole other realm of pleasure. Yeah. It's really exciting and really awesome when you allow that vulnerability and the open mind and pacing yourself going slow is yeah, absolutely.

Kendall: I think it's so beautiful because when you're with yourself, you have so much freedom to explore and that it's a really safe container for you to start so like to set some intentions of, I'm just here to feel pleasure. I'm just here to experience these different sensations. It kind of removes some of that pressure of what the other person is thinking or where that's coming from. It just gives you a great place to explore, but also being able to use ceramic with a partner is also a whole nother element. Can you speak to that a little?

Amy: All sexual pleasure tools, um, including the ceramic dose. Here's another one I've got, I can't quite see, but it's super duper hot pink which everyone at the event on the weekend was absolutely loving us all about them and need to make both but like with a partner and, you know, that's just sexual pleasure. Generally it's open communication and sharing things with your partner or partners or new partners that, you know, this is a definite yes, for me, this is a, maybe I'm curious, you know, let's, let's have a discussion about it, or this is something that I've tried before and you know, it's really not for me now. Maybe I'll change that in the future. Maybe not, you know, open with partners. I think open communication as well as an open mind and, you know, respectful curiosity is the gateway to pleasure.

Communication equals trust and with trust, then, you know, you're comfortable leaning into that vulnerability as well. It can start and often, um, I start, you know, with external massage, uh, because it's the hard one and you've got the control of the base, the tip, particularly if you've got any sore muscles, I often get like sore pecs and shoulders and so, you know, getting in with the point of this is really good and just feeling that touch on my body just feels so good. And on the muscles that I've been working, either in the studio or the gym or whatever, that's pleasure that I feel that, you know, everyone can feel the conversations that I was having. Um, you know, with customers, most of the customers at this stage are women and some of them are more comfortable coming up and having a conversation about Dota and maybe their male partners standing back going, oh, okay, I'm gonna go near the dealership, but I'll, don't break that.

I'm actually just really proud and happy to be able to offer something that's unique, that's handmade. Um, and that's actually safe for the body, um, as, as compared with a lot of other products in this industry, um, with, you know, questionable materials and questionable ethics and supply chains. And yeah, it's just a feel really proud to be a point of difference.

Kendall: They all have kind of their own unique feel and vibe. So can you talk a little bit more about your process of making them and what that looks like?

Amy: I start with the ball of clay, um, and I hand-make every single one on the pottery wheel. I don't know if you've seen familiar with the pottery wheel maybe saying, go swipe that Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze. I have a couple of different styles which are, you know, pretty standard, so something with a bit of a curl, this marble one we've got here, a bit of a curve, um, is really good for targeting the G-spot. it's very hard to go past that, of course, um, straight a ones like just playing straight people. Some people are into that, both men and women, both for anal and just vaginal or external play as well.

Sometimes I do both texture, so they're all super smooth and, you know, perfectly glazed with the food safe glazes, but sometimes a bit of a ripple ribbed for pleasure. There's three, there's like there's three main design features the shaft size, design, and, you know, that can be taller or shorter or thicker or thinner, but either straight or curved. Um, and with the textures or the bit of the bulbous end, that's sort of all the variables, um, within the design features.

I don't deliberately try to make them exactly the same unless a stock assist asked me to. And so I have some stockers that one, exactly this color, you know, within, you know, a couple of millimeters difference in all of these different dimensions And I can do that too, of course. When I'm just making to sell my own stall or my own shop I don't deliberately try to make them the same, you know, people are drawn when they look to those design features. They're like, oh, that's going to feel really good. Or, you know, that's not for me. And it's just not that have that variety. And then of course the right color.

Kendall: Where do you get your inspiration for your colors? Cause I know you kind of go through a whole range. Like the marble is beautiful, the hot pink you've done some drips, like where does that inspiration come from for you?

Amy: Everywhere, everywhere, everything all the time. I am still experimenting with all other colors. Like I don't feel mature enough in the business model or I don't feel, I don't want to feel constrained like as, you know, a functional artist, um, that this is my palette or this is my signature look. So I like testing the waters.

Kendall: You do some local events too. So do you actually do events where people can make their own with you?

Amy: I don't run a standard class that, you know, individuals could just book into, it's just maybe one day, but it's just not really the vibe that I'm looking for. I'd much prefer either to collaborate with another provider, like say yourself, um, if you have your, your audience, you know, you could get maybe 10 or 15 lady or anyone together. Then we could do something really intimate together. That would be amazing.  have a few, um, coming up in the near future about there's two main styles of workshop that I do. And maybe actually I should do these online.

Kendall: It sounds so, so fun and if I was local, I would be there probably all the time and I would have a whole collection.

Amy: The other style of the workshop that I do is, um, hand building. So, um, sitting together over a few hours, I guide the experience of someone to create with their hands and a bunch of tools that I'll bring, um, a shape and that shape, depending on what we're going for and who I'm collaborating with, it can be anything from, you know, a mug or a vase or whatever, right. Through more specifically to what we're talking about is, vulva modeling is a couple that I've got up soon. So from clay, from rule smooth, delicious clay, the pleasure feeling that in your hands, but then during a beautiful model or sculpture, or from your mind, or based on a photograph of yourself or somebody else creating this ornamental sculpture of a on a tile, or even on like a little dish for your jewelry to go in or a wall feature that you can hang up in your bathroom or what, but bedroom or whatever, like infinite possibilities again, but just the pleasure of shaping genitals, whichever forever, however, to celebrate the beauty of it and the diversity of it.

Kendall: Anything that you bring up a beautiful, beautiful point here, um, is just celebrating the uniqueness. I think just as each one of your are handmade and has a unique look and feel each one of our genitals are unique and has a different look and feel and scent and color and taste and all of those things and to just honor that with every, every element of the, uniqueness's just such a beautiful part of our human experience. Like we get these beautiful human bodies and they don't look like anybody else's ad so to just really honor that as so beautiful.

Amy: I mean the honoring and being grateful and enjoying that in a pleasurable sort of way, but then also, you know, trying to, break down some of that stigma and really attack the negatives that are out there. That's super important as well. I read, I read a statistic recently and I can't remember the source. I'm sorry. Maybe when we put it in the show notes, I'll find the source but it was some incredible, amounts or proportion of young girls like teenage girls have Googled like lady a plasty or, you know, what am I deformed? Like my, my bits don't look like, you know, normal in inverted commerce. This is just, and I was just horrified to read that at some ridiculous proportion of women or of young women of girls that think that there's something wrong with their genitals because they don't look like, you know, ones they've seen elsewhere or whatever.

Really opening that conversation about the diversity of appearance and all of the other traits,, I think is going to be super important. I'm, I'm a mother. I have a young daughter. She's not a teenager and we're not having those conversations just yet, but, you know, I'm really quite concerned and worried that when she's all done, she's going to think that there's something wrong with their body and so I really want to be a part of a movement or just, you know, a broad conversation that lots of people are having. More people should be having that our bodies and our experiences and our pleasure are all different. Nothing's wrong. They're just different.

Kendall: I am also very passionate about, so when I was in high school, I ended up getting pregnant and I had my daughter and put her up for open adoption. I have a relationship with her now and she's in high school and it was starting to explore her sexuality and what that looks like and what that means and with her parents' permission, of course, I have a very, like, it's a big conversation to have and to be able to create a safe space for young women, to be able to explore that and young men, I mean, of course, however you identify, but being able to lean into that conversation to be able to say, am I normal? What does this look like? And creating a conversation about it? So, yes, I am all here for breaking the stigma, being a part of the movement, because I believe that at a young age, we should be having these conversations before people think that it's time or you're ready or whatever that may be. If we can grow up knowing, loving, expressing the gratitude for our physical bodies, think about how different our experience would be as an adult. As we grow up in these partnerships and relationships to know that when you are entering a sexual connection or a romantic connection with somebody else that it is a state of honor and respect, and to truly appreciate that for what it is. Is it beautiful? 

Thank you for sharing such beautiful wisdom and such a beautiful, beautiful craft. I absolutely am a huge supporter and affiliate of Deeper Blue Ceramics.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • What makes ceramic dildos different from other types of pleasure wands?

  • How does she hand-make her ceramic dildos?

  • How did she get into making ceramic dildos?

  • Why is it important to connect with pleasure from the earth? 

  • Where does Deeper Blue inspiration come from? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "And pleasures everything like, you know, sexual pleasure of course, but you know, the pleasure of a handmade teacup and, you know, just taking that moment, you know, there's pleasure everywhere in every moment of every day. You just have to look for it and be conscious of it when it's happening" -Amy
  • "I'm actually just really proud and happy to be able to offer something that's unique, that's handmade. Um, and that's actually safe for the body, um, as, as compared with a lot of other products in this industry, um, with, you know, questionable materials and questionable ethics and supply chains. And yeah, it's just a feel really proud to be a point of difference." -Amy

Connect with Deeper Blue Ceramics

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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