Episode 53: Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Body Image

body image Aug 02, 2021

Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Body Image

Kendall: Welcome to another episode of the Sexy Soul Series.

I love this conversation of body image and that's a great, I mean, that was a really kind of high level meditation, but to really start to think about your physical body and why do you love each and every piece of it, whether it is the dimples in your chin or the curve of your hips, or, you know, the shape of your fingernails, whatever that may be, you have such a unique body and to really think about why you that and what it does for you and how it presents into the world as this unique human being. I think that's such a cool way to start. I love doing mirror work. I know we talk about this a lot, but to be able to do that in front of a mirror gives you a different way to look at your physical body.

Kelcy: I feel like I'm at this point in my life now where, you know, I have a healthy, I feel like I would say I had a healthy body image and I've done a lot of work...

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