Episode 4: Activation Meditation

meditation podcast Nov 09, 2020

Activation Meditation

I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations. We are here to deeply connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality in relationships, business, and live so you can access your power and remember your true

I want to share a meditation that came through as I was deeply connecting with soul centered sensuality and sexuality. As I've mentioned before, this energy is creative. Life force energy, and it's something that is not separate from any area of our life. And so when we think about tuning in and connecting with this energy, that's what activates the light within us, our purpose, our presence, and the power that we have to show up and radiate in life. I invite you to join me in this meditation as a way to connect with an activate. The light that exists within you. This meditation is a moment in time to receive potent energetic activation codes and guidance to access clarity in your action steps. This is for anyone who wants to honor...

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