Episode 4: Activation Meditation

meditation podcast Nov 09, 2020

Activation Meditation

I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations. We are here to deeply connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality in relationships, business, and live so you can access your power and remember your true

I want to share a meditation that came through as I was deeply connecting with soul centered sensuality and sexuality. As I've mentioned before, this energy is creative. Life force energy, and it's something that is not separate from any area of our life. And so when we think about tuning in and connecting with this energy, that's what activates the light within us, our purpose, our presence, and the power that we have to show up and radiate in life. I invite you to join me in this meditation as a way to connect with an activate. The light that exists within you. This meditation is a moment in time to receive potent energetic activation codes and guidance to access clarity in your action steps. This is for anyone who wants to honor the light and power within to create flow and alignment with purpose and presence. Please honor this meditation and prepare a space where you can comfortably receive this message. Let's begin.

You are here. Now. This is a moment across time and space to be present. Be here. Now you are light. You are energy, and you are here to remember the presence of you. Feel your breath, come into your body. Feel yourself, inhale and feel yourself. Exhale. Feel the sacred container, Bayview and golden white light. Feel it rush across your body and through every cell in your being feel cleansed, clear, and release any energy, thoughts, or feelings that are no longer serving. You feel the energetic vibration of fear, shift to love. Feel safe. Feel supported as this golden white light flows through your being, feel it pool and circulate and swirl. Feel it in your base. Feel it in your sex center. Feel the energy of your creative life force connect you to the core of the earth. Feel the heat, the warmth, the safety, it is safe to be in your body. Inhale deeply. Feel your breath, expand your body. Feel the fullness of this light. As you exhale, bring this light up into your belly. Connect here with your gut and your intuition. This is you. The soul remembrance between you and you. The light of presence, the present moment across time and space, trust and faith in you.

You are feeling more present now, awareness of your breath and the energy flowing within you. You are here now in beautiful connection between body and source. You are love. You are so loved and so supported. Feel this energy, fill your heart space and open you all the way up to your power of presence. You are love, and you are so love what you give you receive and what you receive. You give you are exactly enough as you are. You have more than enough, and should you desire to receive more love? There is always more love, more presence, more power.

Your heart is open. Bring both hands to your heart and feel, take a moment to breathe, to feel, to be present. You are love. You are loved. Love exists within us and around us. This is the power of presence. Honor. This feel the depth of compassion for who you are and what you are called to do, and know that you have infinite support, feel the support hold you now feel this light, the golden white light raise up to your crown. Feel it flow through your mind and connect with your third eye. See your vision. Feel the bigness of what you are here to do. Your presence alone is bringing this light to the planet, your desires, your mission, and all that you long for is already yours. Surrender to the flow of this energy within you surrender to receive this powerful activation. This energy exists within you.

It is yours and you can access it any time. This is the power of your presence. Soul remembrance. You have this gift connect with this moment of now across time and space, reality and dimension feel this moment of presence. This energy flows from your route, grounding you and keeping you safe, connecting you to your creative life force. It flows up to your intuition, your gut, your trust and faith in you feel the energy surround your heart space. Open to love, to be love. You are held. You are supported now open and raise this energy up. Feel it activate the light within you are one with the light you are here in this sacred container of your body to bring this light through you. Any obstacles that you have faced, any challenges that may come up into your awareness are for you. You can honor the power of your presence. You can make the choice of your own free will to activate, to say yes to remember the true presence of you. You are here now. All of you who you are and who you are meant to be, you have the light of activation within now and always.

Do this in love and in gratitude. Thank you for your presence today. I recommend journaling after this meditation to connect with the activation through clarity of your own action steps, I would be so honored to take you deeper in a one-on-one coaching session. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Feel free to listen to this mediation as many times as you want.

I recommend journalling after this meditation to create clarity in your action steps and what came through for you. Honor your relationship to the light and your own transformation. You are right where you need to be.
I would be so honored to support you deeper in a 1:1 coaching session for whatever may have come up for you.
Please use the links below to connect with me and let me know what you thought of this meditation.
In light, in love, and in gratitude, K
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