Have you ever wished partnership could feel like more?

More Love. More Freedom. More Connection. More Understanding. More Sex.

No one really teaches us the skills and tools to have healthy, happy, passionate, and deeply connected relationships. So much of how we relate in partnership is about the things we don't know that we don't know. We often have not been modeled what healthy partnership looks like, and even in the best case examples, we are left wanting more. And even if we have an idea of what more we want in partnership...

How do we actually create that in our daily lives?

Imagine that the blissful, ecstatic, deeply connected partnership you are craving is on the other side of having the tools to integrate the reality of your partnership into your day to day experience.

How would that type of partnership impact the rest of your life?

It's time to be a stand for the type of love you desire. Joining Priority: Partnership is exactly the portal of transformation to support the lifetime of your partnership. A space for you to own all of your desires, become aware of the patterns that are getting in the way, and choose to intentionally upgrade partnership in your life.

Priority: Partnership

Priority: Partnership is a space to cultivate purpose - driven partnership for couples and individuals.  

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Partnership is our most potent container for growth in this lifetime.

Gain tools and practices to co-create the partnership of your dreams.

Connect and share your experience with people who are devoted to love. 


You are ready to believe that partnership will impact all areas of your life including health, sex, family and career choices.

You want to gain clarity about the why you are choosing to be in partnership, how you want to bring your unique gifts to the relationship, and the impact of your partnership on your life and the world around you

You want the time you spend with your partner to be meaningful

You are ready to have deeper, more passionate and connected sex that plays with all the flavors you’re craving

You want tools to support your communication so you and your partner can feel seen, heard and understood

You want tools to clear resentments and overcome challenges with love in a way that honors each of your experiences to land at a place of empathy and resolution.

You want to learn how to honor and regulate your nervous system and your partner’s so you can feel deeply connected even in times of stress

You want to connect with all aspects of yourself and integrate all of you for an experience of wholeness, trust, integrity, and your deep heart’s truth

You are curious to understand and integrate the habits and patterns that get in the way of fulfillment in all areas of your life

You want to break free of the societal conditioning that says you can’t have a loving and committed partnership until you achieve success in life

You want to develop life-long tools to integrate into your partnership so you don’t settle, feel honored, and have fun





2023 Portal anchored some radically potent energy. The group calls will be available quarterly with the next pod starting in January 2024. 

Each Quarter has 5 LIVE calls that consist of a practice, a teaching, and live coaching / Q&A. You also receive access to office hour calls and bonus practice calls for one year.

OFFICE HOURS: Will be released weekly for 1:1 and Couples coaching calls 

BONUS PRACTICE CALLS: Masculine, Feminine, and Couples Practice Calls to be announced 

Apply below to be added to the waitlist for 2024.