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Priority: Partnership

Powerfully Transform the Dynamic of your Partnership

Feel yourself fully and meet your partner in deeper love and understanding.

A safe space to feel nourished, honor your commitment to each other, and integrate the tools to proactively handle whatever arises with ease.

Explore what you don't know, you don't know, and embody practices within your nervous system that create lasting change in your body-mind.

Surrender into giving and receiving the love you deeply desire.

Inviting Purpose Driven Couples Try a Partner Practice Here

Do you want to discover the possibilities and pleasure your soul yearns for?

Are you curious to explore what kind of sex life you truly desire?
Are you ready to magnetize a relationship that is thriving?
Are you ready to feel FULLY SEEN?
Are you ready to own your confidence?
I believe in the divine timing of our lives. There is a reason you are where you are in this moment, and there is a reason that you have been called here. When we can follow our soul's direction, we are able to discover all the possibilities that we know we truly desire.
We are all naturally orgasmic individuals and the choices we make in our lives will either constrict or expand our potential. You deserve all the pleasure your soul desires. You deserve to feel fully satiated. Saturated.
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Kendall is a coach, speaker, soul entrepreneur, and the founder of Soul Saturations--a transformational container to help you access your power and remember your true presence.

The Full Story


Everything you need is within you. Using a proven process to take you where you can't take yourself. Actionable tools and accountability. Set goals and create a custom plan to achieve the results you desire.

Speaking & Podcast

Interactive and engaging speaking events. Inspiration from action. Deeply connect with what sets your soul on fire.

Listen to Soul Saturations, the Podcast  for consistent connection to your light.


Learn at your own pace and integrate your lessons as you progress through life. Online courses, webinars, and customized options to fit your realities. 


Self Pleasure to Self Love

Download your guide to self pleasure here

How will you connect deeply with yourself? Your self pleasure is the gateway to self love with just the right touch... download your free guide today.



Coaching with Kendall is the gift you give yourself.

I know that making this leap feels somewhat intimidating, especially to open your soul, heart, and mind to the most private and intimate parts of your life. This is a safe space where you will be held and supported wherever you are in the journey.

Schedule a free virtual coffee chat today to get to know Kendall and assess if it feels like a good fit. What do you have to lose? 

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To Deeply Connect with Soul- Centered Sensuality & Sexuality

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