Episode 8: Honoring Change: Embrace, Integrate and Embody

podcast solo episode Nov 09, 2020

Honoring Change: Embrace, Integrate and Embody

Today, we're going to talk about embrace, integrate, and embody.

This is the process that I like to work with my clients, as they're moving and growing and evolving as a soul in this life, as we are growing and evolving, we have to trust this process. We're constantly growing and changing each and every day each and every minute we have the opportunity to choose what is going to help our soul evolve in this lifetime. We can either flow with this change and receive the, or we can fight against it. We can force to put structures in place that don't honor our highest expression in our highest self.

As we look at this process, it all starts with trust. Let's look at embrace, which is truly the first step of the process we have to embrace. When you think about learning a new skill or a belief, or really integrating a new experience into your life, that you truly desire, you have to first start by embracing that. And that means opening your arms, your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, to this new belief, to this new experience, to open fully and receive it. Embracing is all about trusting, trusting the divine guidance of life. Sometimes when we're embracing a new belief, a new thought, a new action. Sometimes it's going to pull up those past fears or experiences that we've had in our life where we're being challenged. This provides us an opportunity to put the judgment away, really, to quiet our ego and honor the fact that this challenge is showing up for you.

This new thing is being shown as an opportunity for you to connect deeper with the light shines on anything that is not light. If you choose to work with the light, you will see the things that you want to shift and change and evolve as part of your soul. Honor, that experience honor where you are in the present moment. As we are embracing this, and we're going to surrender into this next phase of our evolution. We want to tune in with our desires. What is it that you truly desire in your soul? If you stop and quiet and listen to your soul's guidance, what is it that you truly desire for yourself, for your partnership, for your relationships, with people in your life, for your career tune, into what those desires are, and start to visualize yourself as you have already started to embrace this next experience, this next phase.

When you're thinking about embracing it, it is this balance between surrendered flow and to action. We have to choose to embrace even the things that are not light in our life and on our experience for knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. We have to embody this beautiful, radical compassion, because everything that we have experienced up until this point up until this moment in time is absolutely perfect for you. So all of those past experiences, those past beliefs, those past things that you have held on to be true, they've kept you safe. They've kept you in this space and this is where you get to make a choice. Do you believe that this is true? This is where embraces that first step of trust. Do you want to make a choice to experience something differently? And once you choose to embrace it, it may just be as sweet as the arms of a lover.

Once you've embraced, we move into the next step, which is integration. Those of you who are deep in your spiritual work, know that we have to integrate, integrate, integrate. We don't just naturally embody these things. It's a process. Integration is application in action. And this process of transformation allows us to focus our energy, where we want our energy to go. Now we have to be rooted firmly in radical compassion because we're not going to instantly move through this process with ease. It takes commitment. It takes that fierce loving compassion for yourself. And for the evolution of your soul. This lesson is showing up for you for a reason, this new experience, this new belief, this new thing that you desire is meant to be yours. If you can truly desire it, if you can feel that, then it's already meant to be yours.

It's about aligning your thoughts and your actions in a place. That's going to pull that down and anchor that into your reality. As we look at this process of transformation, we have to start with our beliefs when we can identify what the belief is. We can decide if this belief is serving our evolution, or if it is holding us back. When we can start to identify our beliefs, we can choose an example to talk about today. That is maybe something that is not aligned with that next desire of your relationship. Perhaps you've been living your life with the belief that your relationship is not a priority. This is something that I lived for a very long time, is that my relationship wasn't a priority, but we're not meant to do life alone. And maybe you want a different experience remembering that our beliefs are not right or wrong.

They may just be different than what we want to currently believe to be our reality. We have the belief, my relationship, isn't a priority. Start to notice where that belief impacts your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, and your experiences notice where that shows up. And you may notice that it is showing up in many different places in your life. I want you to take a moment and feel what that feels like to believe. That is true to believe that that belief of my relationship, isn't a priority to believe what that's true. What does that feel like? Where do you feel that belief in your body, in your energy, does it feel dense? Does it feel heavy? Do you feel a tightening in your chest notice and send gratitude and appreciation to that feeling? This is radical compassion where we get to cue the gift of gratitude for that belief, because that is the beautiful gift of contrast that has kept you safe up until this moment, that experience, that belief has served you up until this point.

Giving the gratitude for the beautiful gift of contrast of what you want to believe next. As you like, look at this belief, whether this is my relationship, isn't a priority or some other belief that you may want to be shifting, start to tune in. How's you feel that belief believing that that is true and noticing where you see that showing up, you get to decide, do you want this to be true? If you don't want to believe that to be true, you'll get to make a choice of a new belief. Something that you can hold on to as your anchor point, your pillar, that new thing that you believe to be true. For example, you could choose the new belief that my relationship provides a solid foundation. Now imagine, what would that feel like to be true? If you already embodied that belief, what would that feel like?

Now, this is where you get to choose. Do you want to believe in this new thought, this new belief, this new anchor point, do you want that to be part of your reality? This is the process of integration is where you start to align your actions with that belief. And it's a choice in every single one of your actions that you move forward with in life. Now we have to have radical compassion throughout our process of integration, because it's not going to be easy. When we're through moving through this process of integration, you may noticed that old belief that shows up all the time, have compassion, send it gratitude. As you're choosing your action steps. Send it gratitude and commit to making a different choice. The next time. Then you may notice it as you're in the middle of a choice or an action. And you say, Oh, there's that old belief that showing up, send a gratitude, send a compassion.

This is where we move into embodiment. When we can embody this new belief, this new reality, this new experience, this is where we are bringing this belief down onto the planet. We make it a part of our daily experiences and reality. We have to move to a place where we are embodied, which means we are flowing with this new belief, this new energy, and we're not forcing it. We can show up with competence with grace and we're not fake or rooted in an authentic embodied experience. When we think about embody, it's pulling down, it is actually of the body and this is where our sexual energy helps us to ground us and bring it down onto the planet. Many of us spend so much time in our brains, in our heads where we're thinking and processing and over analyzing things. But once we can move through this process of embrace and integrate to embodied, we get to just embody this energy and bring it down into our physical body.

Nothing is permanent. You have the ability to change your beliefs at a moment's notice. And as you start to integrate and embody these beliefs, they become part of your new reality. So the first thing for you to do your actionable takeaway tool today is start to identify your beliefs. The first thing, when you wake up in the morning, what do you believe to be true? What are these things that you know are part of your daily experience? Start to listen to your internal thoughts and feelings and emotions. Start to notice what those beliefs are and make a list. As you write down these beliefs, then you can move through that process. 

What does it feel like for that belief to be true? Again, anchor in gratitude for the beautiful gift of contrast, cue your, radical compassion and decide. Do you want to believe that that is true? If you don't choose your new belief, write that down. What would that feel like to believe that that's true? How would that impact your actions, your choices, your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, and your experience. Then choose actions that align with that belief and trust the process. Eventually it will move into that embodied belief of flow of confidence with grace. This process takes time, honor yourself for where you are today. I know if you already desire this to be true, then it's yours. Sometimes it's really helpful to hire a coach to support you through this process, to help you raise up to that soul level and start to identify what those beliefs are. This is how you start to focus your energy, where you want it to go. If you're feeling stuck or blocked, like you can't quite create that forward momentum honor, where you are and choose to hire a coach. I take a select number of deep dive coaching clients each month. And I would be so honored to support this process and help you remove any blocks that create flow and harmony in your life.With that, I want to close out our container today with so much love and so much gratitude.

We are always learning, evolving, and growing… its a process, and change is the only thing that is constant in life.
Embrace is about TRUST.
  • How do you open your mind, heart, soul and body to a new experience?
  • How do you put your ego and judgement away when your past beliefs are challenged?
  • How do you honor your desires?
  • How do you balance surrendered flow and action?
  • Once you embrace it, it may be just as sweet as the arms of a lover
Integration is application in action.
  • How can you honor the process of transformation?
  • What are the actionable steps?
  • Why is radical compassion essential to integration?
  • What does it mean to have gratitude for the gift of contrast?
  • Why must you trust the process?
  • How do you flow, not force?
  • Why must we bring things down into our physical body?
  • What is confidence with grace?
  • How do you demonstrate with authenticity?

Memorable Moments:

  • "We're constantly growing and changing each and every day each and every minute we have the opportunity to choose what is going to help our soul evolve in this lifetime."
  • "Giving the gratitude for the beautiful gift of contrast of what you want to believe next"
  • "When we can embody this new belief, this new reality, this new experience, this is where we are bringing this belief down onto the planet"
In light, in love, and in gratitude, K
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