Episode 5: What's in a name?

podcast solo episode Nov 09, 2020

This is Soul Saturations, the podcast, a transformational container to activate the light within you.

The podcast I'd like to invite you to step into this container with me, focus on your energy, slowing down, be aware of the present moment.

Take a few deep breaths and focus on your inhale and your exhales. As you start to notice the energy flowing through you at this time, we'd like to honor the container of soul saturations, the podcast, and we invite and our guides, our team, our angels, and any high spiritual beings that we feel called to work with at this moment, we ask to be supported, to be held and to be a vehicle of the highest and greatest good across all time and space, reality and dimension. We do those in gratitude and so much faith so that we can be of the highest level of radical truth, compassion and love at this time.

I was sitting on a flight on April 25th, 2019, somewhere over Charlotte, North Carolina. I was coming home from a corporate consulting job in my dream job, where I was sitting at the table with the biggest and brightest people in the industry. The work I was doing was impactful and inspiring, and I felt empty. I was exhausted. I was wiped how I had no idea what direction my life was heading. How could I feel this way? When I had worked so hard to get to this point, I knew that something had to change. I kept feeling this pull in the depths of my soul and my heart to show up in a way that was aligned with the bigger purpose I was meant to have on this planet. So, as I was sitting on this flight, I was just feeling wiped out and I took a moment to stop and reflect that there had to be something more. I was pouring my heart and soul into my career, but I knew there was so much more.

I stopped to reflect on all the things that set my soul on fire. I knew that I wanted to create more of that. The things that lit me up and inspired me and were the things that I could then show up and do in the world. As I was sitting on this flight, what became the search for an Instagram handle for the next thing I was going to do this crystal clear divine download came through Soul Saturations, huh? I kind of liked it. I thought it was interesting.I searched Instagram, it was available. I went on and I created a Gmail account for sole [email protected]. At 6:55 PM Eastern standard time, Soul Saturations was born. Soul Saturations is all those things that make you go in life. As I've gotten to know the energy of soul saturations, she's this beautiful, magical, and powerful container.
When I think about Soul Saturations, it's everything from standing up and speaking to a room full of women, about how to radiate confidence with grace and command, the respect that they deserve as leaders in business, it's sitting at a winery, sipping a cool, crisp, delicious glass of wine with the sun on my face. As I watched the clouds go by it's floating in the ocean, being gently rocked by the waves, feeling cleansed, cleared, renewed, laughing so hard. You could cry with friends that honor you believe in you and are ready to do life with you. It's cuddled up in the arms of my beloved feeling, the warmth of his skin against mine, feeling safe and seen and supported. When I reflect on Soul Saturations, I know that it reflects being whole, as you in your full power, I'm remembering your true presence and soul saturations is also deeply connecting with soul centered sensuality and sexuality.

It is the permission to name and claim your pleasure to honor your sexuality as a sacred experience when you are so deeply connected with yourself, your energy, your body, and your pleasure that you can relax into the present moment and fully receive. You can feel that energy of pleasure, that sexual creative life force energy move through every cell of your being and feel the divine connection between source and your human experience. You know that you are right where you need to be. When you can honor your physical experience and the soul saturations. When you surrender to the pleasure and saturate your bed, your body is so capable of deeply transformational pleasure. And you can intimately share that with another in deep connection that demands, respect, your pleasure is natural and sacred and fundamental to the human experience. You deserve to feel it, embrace it and honor it at your pleasure is the doorway to work, really connecting with your true presence.

And it allows you to access your power in society today. Pleasure is something that is shamed and it's not something that we're allowed to openly talk about. If we show up in business, that means that we absolutely cannot be a sexual being.  This is where I see Soul Saturations as being the doorway for all people to not only connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality, but to truly activate the light within you and access your power to remember your true presence. Sexuality can be that beautiful doorway to feel full. I believe that soul saturations is the opportunity for us to honor who we are exactly as you are.
And this is what Soul Saturations is all about is to fully embrace all the things that make you feel saturated, where you're overly pleased. You have so much joy and love and pleasure in your life that you feel like you can't take in anymore. This is a constant journey to be able to reach for that level of growth. This is where soul saturations is your doorway here, permission to create the life that you desire. As you reflect on your life, think about all the things that saturate your soul. Where are the moments when you have been able to drop fully into pleasure could be a moment as simple as feeling the sun on your face, or maybe it's that much more intimate, where you have a physical relationship with yourself or somebody else. And you have felt seen, heard, understood, and you've been able to fully receive pleasure.

When you're starting to feel shame or guilt for making pleasure a priority in your life, honor that feeling and saying thank you for showing up, because that's what you're used to. That's what has kept you safe up until this point and know that all the things that your soul desire is already yours. If you're feeling guilt or shame for creating or desiring more soul saturating pleasure in your life, let that go and choose a new perspective to say, I deserve to feel soul saturations in all areas of my life and find someone to do that with find an accountability, buddy, have it be your best friend or better your partner? If you need someone to hold you accountable, I'm always here to do that for you. 

We all have moments in time when we have to stop and think, “is this really how I want my life to be going?” How we decide to respond in that moment can change the trajectory of our lives. In that moment for me, I couldn’t even imagine the bigness of the mission of Soul Saturations… but she could.
I am honored to share this journey with you.
As I look back at where it all began, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude.
If you are having a moment, or series of moments where you have to stop and think, “Is this really how I want me life to be going?” Honor that feeling. Feel it. And choose to respond from your soul.
In light, in love, and in gratitude, K
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