Episode 3: Increasing the world’s happiness quotient with Heather Montgomery

podcast Nov 09, 2020

Increasing the world’s happiness quotient with Heather Montgomery

This is Soul Saturations, the podcast, a transformational container to activate the light within you. I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of Soul Saturations. We are here to deeply connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality in relationships, business, and life so you can access your power and remember your true presence. 
Today we have have Heather Montgomery, the CEO and founder of pleazeme.com.  Their mission is really to help people explore this area of their sexuality in a manner that honors, of course their own intimate journey and privacy on that journey being anonymous.
Heather: It's an anonymous site where you get to interact with other people without that prejudice of sight. It's really interesting when you get to meet people by reading their words, and interacting with amazing healers and channels and brands that have been serving the sex positive space, for a long time. Our mission is to increase the world's happiness quotient and we feel that when we each take on our own journey and take accountability, because happiness is a choice and joy is an emotion we get to choose to be in.
Heather: Some of us have had some traumas in the area of, of sex or we've been violated or been suppressed or haven't had the resources and, or I like to call it the permission, to focus on our own pleasure, especially as women. I feel that we've had less resources historically and, or had a different come from in society as it pertains to sex and sexuality. We're, we're just excited to be a platform where people have a voice, to be heard and that mission can be carried out and love and light...And we also have a big mission to, which is to protect the vulnerable and the innocent and create an environment where consensual sex is all that there is. 
Can you imagine a world where all sex was consensual?
Listen to today’s episode to hear Heather and I talk about hopes, dreams, and desires. Some of the things we cover are:
  • How do you explore your sexuality while honoring the intimacy and anonymity?
  • What is the mission of Pleazeme?
  • How do you create an environment where the only sex that exists is consensual sex?
  • How does the way we were raised affect your relationship to your sexuality in life?
  • How do we talk to our children about sexuality in a positive and consensual way?
  • How does the current sexual education system affect your sexuality?
  • How do our deeply personal experiences impact our sexual experiences and how we explore it?
  • How a trek up Kilimanjaro was the catalyst to start Pleazeme?
  • What is Pleazeme.com?
  • How is your sexuality like fingerprints?
  • How do you honor the inclusivity where all people feel welcome?
  • What is the spectrum of sex preferences?
  • Where do the lines of consensual sex get blurred?
  • Why is exploring your desires and fantasies so important?
  • How do you navigate the transition out of judgement and into curiosity when discovering your sexual desires?
  • What if you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to BDSM?
  • How do you give sex the importance that it deserves in a relationship between 2 people?
  • How does Pleazeme allow you to find the answers to questions that you might ask if you knew no one was listening?
  • Are you going to share an article about Pegging on Facebook?
  • How does your sexuality impact your ability to show up in business and life?
  • How do we heal our sexuality to keep from repeating our patterns?
  • How do women have the opportunity to SHOW UP in a masculine workplace?
  • How can you give yourself grace?

Memorable Moments:

  • "What if we grew up knowing that our sexuality is sacred and it's this beautiful, magical, powerful tool" -Kendall
  • "...its so vital for all people is to really start to communicate what feels good, what doesn't feel good? What do you want to explore? What don't you want to explore? And when we can start to give people the tools to explore that, then they become more confident and they become more empowered to say, yes." - Kendall
  • " I think that that's a big piece, that people really feel that hot button, what sexuality is, well, if I'm not doing this right, I must be doing this wrong or this isn't good and then I'm innately bad. That's one of those fundamental challenges that we as human beings have to work through in our humanness is it may not be good or bad right or wrong. It may just be different than what we're used to or what we're used to experiencing." - Kendall
  • "...I think the statistic is by the time you're 40, like 85% of women have experienced some kind of either nonconsensual sexual advances...and not that men can't be violated or young boys and girls, I'm just saying, the statistic is much higher for women...so how do we heal that part of ourselves so that we don't continue to attract more trauma right? Or create the belief that we're not enough, or that we're weak and vulnerable. And then what do we bring into our lives? Right. And so I think that it is a very power" - Heather
Join the Digital Sexual Revolution here! Take the quiz, discover your sex sign and anonymously explore the galaxy and follow my channel, Soul Saturations. Come join the conversation... we need you!
Do you believe in women owned businesses? Do you believe in increasing the world’s happiness quotient? If the message and mission of Pleazeme.com is something that you can get behind, join our crowdfunding campaign here. Starting at just $11 you can support us! 
In light, in love and in gratitude, K
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