Episode 2: Coming to the loving, light filled battle ground with Natalie Ehmka

energy work podcast Nov 04, 2020

Coming to the loving, light filled battle ground with Natalie Ehmka

This is Soul Saturations, the podcast, a transformational container to activate the light within you.

I'm Kendall Merritt, your host, and the founder of soul saturations. We are here to deeply connect with soul centered sensuality and sexuality in relationships, business, and life so you can access your power and remember your true presence. 

I am so honored to share my friend and my teacher, Natalie Ehmka, who is an amazing speaker turned translator of energy and the founder of the world changer, collective and coach to many, not only have I had the honor of really deepening our friendship, but also learning so much through a coaching container with her. 

Natalie is an energy coach to leaders and executives, and world changers who are those Epic beings, all very old souls, who are here to create change and anchor down light and positivity and good vibes on the planet right now. Being a world changer is kind of an all encompassing title and a really special group of people that are planted all over the world. They're doing all sorts of different kinds of missions, but for one greater mission, which is to help bring light to the planet and aid in the shift in consciousness, that's happening right now, on the earth. And again, everybody's doing it through their own soul gifts, through their own businesses.

Natalie tunes into all the different ways the worldchangers collective are spreading light right now because it is just, the possibilities are just endless for how the world changers are working right now on the planet.

She works with executives of large corporations, and high vibe, conscious corporations as well, who may already have a job, but are really wanting to bring more intentionality consciousness and light to their, their workplace, to the industry specifically.

We chat about:

  • Who are these worldchangers and how do they show up in the world?
  • How does Natalie tunes into this energetic grid of world changers around the world?
  • How do worldchangers illuminate the changes on the planet as old systems break down and lead with integrity and new systems?
  • How does the light move through you as you bring your mission onto the planet?
  • What does it mean to show up with radical compassion?
  • What are the four stages of the worldchangers journey?
  • How does Soul Saturations come to the loving, light filled battle ground to challenge everything the human race has taught us about sexuality?
  • How can you be aware of and recognize what you’re feeling as part of a collective consciousness?
  • A special tip for energetically sensitive people
  • How does the energy from the worldchanger’s journey ripple out affect others?
  • How can you be a masterful teacher and also be a student at the same time?
  • And a very special translation from the energy of Soul Saturations channeled directly for you and this podcast.

Memorable Moments:

  • "They are here to bring their big ideas to life. They are here to follow their sole missions and they are here to anchor on consciousness." - Natalie
  • "Yes, we're not in this dog eat dog world as much as the world wants to tell us that we are, you know, we're here to uplift each other. Let's talk about that." -Natalie
  • "I think that's been one of the most transformational experiences I've had from working with you is really being able to go through that journey with you and somebody to hold me consistently accountable to say, are you shining the light that you're meant to shine in this world?" - Kendall
  • "Lightworkers can be in any industry. You don't have to necessarily be a healer or a coach, but if you're working with light, if you're working with transformational energy or you're here bringing consciousness, that light is coming through you" - Natalie
  • "We go through really intense human journey. Being a human is really weird. I talk about this and kind of constructs as I call them of the human experience or basically these constants that exist. Meaning we have a curriculum, we have lessons that we're meant to learn. We have a human body. If we can hear it, where you have to work with the brain and the nervous system and gravity and money and all these things that come with being a human. And I see this with a lot with the world and Lightworkers who really are embracing their power" - Natalie
  • "...how do you honor the human body and honor the human experience? That's something that I'm super passionate about when I work with my clients and using sensuality and sexuality as a way to honor it and not fight against it, then this gives us this beautiful bridge and those beautiful divine downloads of all of the power that we're meant to receive and fully step into...it is a beautiful vehicle when we can choose how we look at our sexuality...and when we can have that perspective, it gives us that much more of receiving of pleasure and just flow within the human experience." - Kendall
Thank you for remembering your own creative energy… Keep going, keep moving, keep flowing. 

Connect with Natalie:

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K
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