Episode 64: Expand with YES

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2021

Expand with YES

In episode 64 of Soul Saturations, The Podcast, I share a quick practice and context to help you be a YES to whatever the world is offering you.
What do you do with resistance, grief, closure, anguish, fear??
How do you expand from a contracted state?
In the last episode we talked about stretching through closure, and this is another practice you can layer in to help you expand.
By grounding into the earth,
Lifting our heart,
And being a YES by saying I love you no matter what - to whatever the world is offering us,
We expand.
We create art.
We talk:
  • How do we say yes to what the world is offering us?
  • Why do we want to create art with our feelings?
  • How do we love whatever the world is offering us unconditionally?
  • Why do we feel without attaching a story to the feeling?
In so much love and gratitude,
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Photography and Cover Art by: Catie Menke www.catiemenke.com
Music by: Kayla Hope Gellerman

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