Episode 62: Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Desires in Partnership

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Desires in Partnership

Have you ever paused to think about what you truly desire in partnership, what you saw as examples growing up, or how society might have influenced your idea of what a healthy, happy relationship looks like?
@kelcyvalletta and I sat down to tackle all of these thoughts and question what we TRULY desire vs. what we THINK we desire. Partnership is SO important in a healthy, thriving, fulfilling life, and we want you to have the tools to determine the types of relationships you allow in your life.
In this episode we talk about:
💞How our desires in relationships change over time
💞Your examples of partnership create your standard for partnership without conscious cycle breaking
💞Why we crave partnership- true desire vs need to fit in
💞What all people desire in partnership
💞Figuring out your non-negotiables
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