Episode 58: Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Masculine and Feminine Energy

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

Sexy Soul Series with Kelcy Valletta: Masculine and Feminine Energy

Kelcy: I feel like that is such a good grounding practice for kind of incorporating what we're going to be talking about today, which is masculine and feminine energy. And as, as you started walking us through this opening practice that we always do, I kept thinking what a good way to kind of stop and get in touch with your masculine and or your feminine energy, depending on where you are throughout your day, what it is that you were trying to accomplish, or, you know, what, what role you're playing in the moment which we can get into, um, in our conversation. But it's such just such a good way to connect back with yourself. So I love every time we do that,

Kendall: I think one of the things I love that you just highlighted is that this energy exists within us always. I am super passionate about creating polarized moment. Creating the polarity between masculine and feminine energy, and really I use that as a foundation and how I coach couples and individuals when it comes to soul centered sexuality. I also use the masculine and feminine energy as a foundation when I'm working with leaders and organizations, because it's, when we think about masculine and feminine energy, I think a place that I like to start is people tend to get hung up in the, in the terms being really gender terms, like totally feminine, massive and feminine. But when we can start to pull back and look at these terms as energy, and right when we look at masculine and feminine energy, it is the energy that exists within the energies are not separate.

I think that's a common misconception that people tend to have with this masculine, feminine energy is that masculine energy lives in a box over here, feminine energy lives in a box over here, but they live in a box together. They live in a box together. They are too short urges to the same energy. Similar to a magnet, you have a pole and a negative pole. When we look at masculine and feminine, feminine energy, it's not separate. And this energy is really reflective of how we can connect in nature. If you think of it as a spectrum from being Uber masculine to Uber feminine, that's really a great way to think about it. Of course, there's other terms to look at it where you have structure and flow, you have yen and yang, you have all these different elements, but when we connect it to nature, it becomes really tangible.

I'm about how do we bring it into the body? How do we get super tangible? How do we, I love that this energy. Um, so when we look at it in connection to nature, the Uber masculine versus the Uber feminine, what I want to highlight and start to before we really even connect it to nature is starting to define what masculine and feminine energy is beyond the common misconceptions that exist in the world today. Cause I think it's something that is so talked about that it's kind of convoluted and not really pure in the transmission of how it really can connect with us. So when we think about masculine energy, the masculine energy is consciousness. It is that space of stillness. It is the thing that is never changing. If you take a moment, close your eyes and we want you to feel into your heart space, I want you to feel into your heart space.

I want you to feel that part of you that has never changed the part of you that has always existed from the moment that you were born past the moment that you die. That part of you, that is never changing that soul space, that connection to consciousness and the divine, that place of stillness is your masculine energy. Then if we think about the definition of feminine energy, feminine energy is energy. It's everything. We're masculine is nothingness and stillness. Feminine is the everything, the energy, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your, the beautiful chaos that exists within us and around us. So the feminine energy represents all elements of the universe. It's that feeling. It's those different archetypes that we can portray in our life and in those roles that you talked about. The feminine is everything. If you take your hands, I'm rub your fingers together and rub your hands together.

This is a beautiful marriage and dynamic stillness and energy. If you think about the universe, we look at space, Ooh, base is made up of nothingness space and energy. Now let's drop this into the polls where we look at Uber masculine, Uber feminine, that really masculine is if you think about that, it's literally nothingness it's space. It's like, I love the example. One of my teachers says is black hole is like the Uber masculine. It is like, there is nothing ness and emptiness and that space where that that's like masculine, but Achille bloods back it into things that we deal with more on a daily basis where it could be the energy of a mountain or the energy of an old grounded, solid Redwood tree. We're starting to then move within the spectrum of masculine energy.

It's that structure that solid stillness, that constant never changing. Then if we like feminine energy, it could be like the twinkling of Starlight that like soft, if urial kind of wisping smoke throughout the air. We can start to move in the spectrum that way, where then you can start to move into like swaying. Bamboo is another element that my teacher gives that more feminine. So if you think about what's the energy difference between Redwood tree and swaying, bamboo, there's a difference. You can feel a difference in the texture. Just as we see this in nature, we also see this within our own physical experiences within our physical bodies, within our partnerships and within our relationships and others. That's where I, I know that was a lot, but I wanted to give that set the structure for talking about masculine and feminine energy so that we can go from there. 

Kelcy: You brought up so many insightful points and I love all the visual examples that you gave because, you know, first of all, something that you, that you said that I feel like it's so important to just touch on for a moment is that so many people we hear masculine and feminine energy and we relate it to a certain sex, a certain gender, right? Like, okay, if you're a man, you only have masculine energy. If your, if you're a woman, you only have feminine energy, which is so not true. And this is something that I wish I would have learned earlier in life. Like I genuinely think that this needs to be teaching in school because it is how we get to understand ourselves better. It is how we understand how we feel things and how we work well.

It can totally transform the quality of our relationships. This is something that I feel like we need to be learning at a young age is that we have masculine and feminine energy, how they both work together. You know, it's just so, so important to understand the difference in how it works. I love that you broke it down for us. As you were talking, I had this thought that like, you know, you kept saying how the masculine energy is nothingness, right. And some people might hear that and think like, what do you mean nothingness? Like masculine energy is nothingness, but I kind of am thinking of it as like, like space, for example, it is holding space. Like the masculine energy is nothingness that holds a grounded space for the feminine energy to flow inside of it.

When you think about it that way, it's so, so important. If you don't have the space for your feminine energy to flow, then it's not going to be able to flow. Right. And if you have just the space with nothing else happening inside of it, then that's not going to be a fulfilling life for you either. I love that you broke down all these different things. When did you first start learning about masculine and feminine energy? Because this is something I just dove into the past year of my life and like I said, it, I wish I would, would've learned it sooner. It made me realize, where I even lacked in past relationships and how going forward and, and new relationships in my life. How understanding the balance of my masculine and feminine can help me thrive there and even just, you know, going through life, being a business owner, all the things that you have to do require a different type of energy from you. I feel like there's so many, there's so many things that we talked about here, but I, I would love to know kind of like what interested you in first diving into it?

Kendall: You know, I think when I, before I even started soul saturations, I was really connected to this work, to this energy of masculine and feminine, because I started to put into perspective how I was showing up in relationships. Before I started Soul Saturations, my corporate journey, I was very much in my masculine energy. Often I was a corporate speaker and coach and trainer. I was working with executives and CEOs. I was working coaching 75 year old men who had been in business longer than I had been alive. I had to show up with a certain energy and it helped me start to put context around how I was showing up. And it helped me also start to understand how out of alignment I was.

Kelcy: I was going to ask, like, when you were, when you kept showing up in that masculine energy, how did you feel? Like, how did you feel?

Kendall: For me, it gave me context where I was like, oh, no wonder. I feel out of alignment because I'm dropped out of my feminine energy. I'm dropped out of this essence. I really started to dive into this work probably 2016.

It was probably 2015 that I started into it 2017. I was like, dude, deep in it a little bit. Um, I did, I recognized, I was like, I'm constricted, I'm burnt out. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. My work days when I would be traveling would be from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM or later at night, and then do it all again and standing on stages. And I was burnt out. I didn't, I didn't have the processes that I didn't have the masculine structure in place to allow my feminine to flow, to rejuvenate me. And so I think that that piece is something that really fires me out because I look at so many women today that don't even know that they're not in their feminine, they're in their feminine. They're like, oh, like where did this really pretty dress?

Like I can self care and go get it nails done but if we're never dropping in our feminine, we're never really connecting. We're never truly imbalanced. I've taken a lot of that and applied it in my corporate settings when I'm doing consulting with clients and organizations, but on a relational level is where I get really fired up and passionate about it because we don't know what we don't know. Totally. So we are like, people can come at me and have a very strong opinion with this. But I think that the feminist movement has polarized relationships. The last 50 years we have, depolarized polarized our relationships. Specifically, like in context of heterosexual relationships, men and women, the context, the societal context is after the feminist movement, women are stepping into their power, which is beautiful, amazing, wonderful. When we are choosing to be feminine beings and a polarized relationship that requires one person to amplify the masculine energy and one person to really amplify or surrender into that feminine energy, that's what creates a polarized relationship.

Men have been taught to let women lead to say like, where do you want to go out to dinner? What do you want to do for vacation? And so they're stepping more into that feminine roles so that women are amplifying that masculine energy. I want to go to dinner here. I want to have vacation here. This is what I want. This is what I need, we're expressing our wants and needs is really important, but it's about how, how we actually communicate it. For a lot of women, one of the things that is depolarizing, our relationships is we're telling our partners what we want, how we want it when we want it. What opportunity does that give for us to be in our feminine, in a state of flow and allow our partners to lead if we don't ever create opportunities for, for our partners to lead. That's like one little set piece and people are like, well, I, I like being in control. Great. Well, are you really dropping in and tuning into yourself to say, am I in the feminine, do I want to be in the feminine? Where do I feel most alive, most free most in that moment of pure alignment with my sexual essence.

Kelcy: I would totally agree with you when it comes to how the feminist movement, you know, impacted relationships. Totally. I know that's your expertise, that area but in how we show up as women. I guess my question too, for women would be like, well, wouldn't you, aren't letting yourself, you know, express your feminine energy live in that space. Are you able to be your true, authentic, most fulfilled self, right? Because if you're not allowing yourself to live in that flow, then how are you able to really celebrate all the different parts of yourself? You know? And that's something that I've really committed to the past few months in particular, because I know for me, like I have been in, I mean, I'll admit it like, like there were, there have been times over the past year that I have been, so in my masculine energy and I have gotten completely burnt out, you know, I still work a 40 hour week corporate job.

I am working on my coaching business. I'm working on the podcast, I'm doing everything I can to build this business because this is the life that I want. Right. I kind of created so much structure and a schedule and all these rules for myself because this is what I have to do and get it done. I found myself not feeling inspired, not feeling creative, not feeling like I really deserve or want to have much fun. And then that left me completely burned out. So it was very interesting because I wasn't really even seeing much progress during that time. So then I kind of stopped and re-evaluated, and obviously I learned a lot about feminine, feminine, and masculine energy. And I decided to let myself live in my feminine more often. So I kind of did, like, I kind of sat down, I wrote down what my non-negotiables are like certain things that had to get done of course, right.

Like it has to get done in order for, you know, things to thrive and still function. But then I kind of released myself of any other pressure of expectations and decided to just show up, have more fun, do more things I wanted to do, go on trips, experience, life, show up online, how I wanted to show up online, which is having more fun showing my sense of humor, more, all those little things. And it was so interesting because people started to come to me. I had more leads come my way. I was able to look at clients and, you know, I even had more like even in the dating world, just like more, more men kind of, you know, noticing me coming my way, showing interest. And I kind of realized that life was way more fun when I was able to live in my feminine and allow myself that, that space to really express myself.

I know this is my home. This is where I'm safe and that's kind of how I've always pictured it in my body, masculine and feminine. That's kind of been my experience over the past year and I, and I would learn firsthand what a huge, different difference it makes even just in the relationship you have with yourself and being able to discover who you really are and what you really want. And, you know, one of, one of my mentors has talked about masculine and feminine energy a lot, and she created a ritual.

She talks about how she has certain parts of her day, where she knows she needs to be in her masculine energy, more she's running different businesses, you know, and then she wants to be able to show up for her husband and then show up for her kids. So she literally has this ritual on those days where she takes a bubble bath and she allows herself to release from her from, from her masculine energy and drop into her feminine energy as she goes into the next part of her day. And I thought that that was just so beautiful to take a moment to recognize where you are and you know, what you're feeling, where you're operating from and how you want to show up.

Kendall: It's about integration and knowing which energy you need to amplify. And so yeah, in our business, we have to be more in that masculine energy in that structured space. And, you know, I think a lot of it, like even when I'm coaching clients, if I'm coaching men about their relationships, I'm in the masculine, I'm the one amplifying that masculine structure so that they can really drop into that feminine and learn and feel from that space. But one of the things that I think is really important when we look at how do we integrate this energy, start to connect with it in different ways. It's not just structure and flow. Like there's so much more to totally these energies into those elements and simple things like that, like a daily ritual of like, okay, I need to drop into my feminine. These daily rituals can be really powerful, but I think it's about taking it even deeper into feeling it within the physical body.

When we think about the feminine, the feminine is feeling all elements of the universe, all of our energy, all of our emotions. How do you make space to touch and feel fully what you are actually feeling? And I think that's where there's a big gap in this masculine, feminine energy is that we're not actually feeling what we need to feel. We're not actually touching it within our physical bodies. If you're upset about something, if you are angry about something, if you are sad about something, how are you touching that energy fully bringing it into your physical body? Because a lot of times people think that feminine energy is this like light. Free-flowing really fun energy, but you're also forgetting that the feminine energy is chaos. It is interrupting volcano. It is a destructive tornado and it's all the emotions, literally all of the energy of the universe.

If we're not taking the time to touch that fully, we're repressing a part of our feminine. We're repressing a part of our natural essence and who we are. And so when we can get to a point where we are loving this energy fully and integrating it, then we can start to bring that energy with us fully. How do you start to integrate that? Bring that into your body so that in certain moments in your life, in your relationship, you need to, may need to amplify some of that energy. So think about if you're showing up in work and you do have to be really fierce and how you talk about something, you may need to amplify 10% of that rage, 10% of that fury, 10% of that volcanic energy to bring, to convey the fullness of your message. And so that's where we're starting to create different practices that can bring us fully into those energies and making it safe, to be able to integrate it and touch it.

A lot of people say, I can't touch my rage fully because then I'll be off all the time. So angry. I will never be able to let go of it. I can't touch my grief fully because then I'll just be so sad. I'll be consumed by sadness. So we have to create containers. That's where our masculine energy is always holding the structure. If you tune into some of my podcasts, a lot of the meditations I do is I'm like, okay, identify the structure that exists around you. The walls around you, the ceiling above you, the floor beneath you, the chair underneath you, you are constantly being held. That structures always present the earth underneath you is always holding you. And when you can set a really safe container, you can touch this energy fully. You can feel this energy fully and know that not only is there the structure of the walls around you, but the divine like constantly holding you that divine masculine energy is always there to penetrate you to love you, to you in all of your sadness, all of your grief, all of your joy, all of your ecstasy and love you fully in it.

That's where the feminine is. Like take my heart, take all of it. Loves me in every range of my emotion, not just the, oh, this is fun, free flowing and flowing through my life. But it's also the chaos and the structure. When you look at partnerships and relationships, it's when you are choosing to be in partnership, you are choosing to be with all of that, all of that energy with your partner. They're Xs, they're, neuroticism's, they're crazy. They're karmic patterns like you are choosing. How can I step into this chaos and love it fully? How can I love this human being for all that they are, and truly embrace all of that energy fully. And that's where I think there's so much opportunity in the space of just our evolution as human beings, but especially in this space of partnerships and relationships to be like, what does a true integrated, polarized, healthy partnership, conscious relationship look like and feel like it's not all rainbows and butterflies. It's not all structure and flow. There's a lot of depth to that when we can connect with the depth, then we start to feel things fully. Then we get to start to shift and integrate. That's where it can become an integrity authentic and fully standing in our truth and standing in our power.

Kelcy: For anyone listening right now, who's thinking like, how do I, how do I start to tap into this masculine energy or this feminine energy that I feel like I'm not because I feel like, I feel like a lot of people aren't aware of this in general. Like, I feel like, like you kind of had mentioned it starting to be talked about more. And even though there's so, so much space for people to learn more and more in depth about what masculine and feminine energy really is, not just the surface level, like you said, um, we're talking about it as they're starting to, as they're starting to hear about it. Like, I imagine there's people listening to this episode right now. It could be a woman and she's thinking like, oh my God, like I, I do kind of live in my, in my masculine energy, more operate from that space. How do I tap into my feminine energy or vice versa? Like how, how do I, how do I work with my masculine energy instead? Like, I know you've, you've mentioned like some practices and stuff. Like where should people start?

Kendall: I think that contrast is a beautiful place to start. I think, you know, really making space to feel fully, and I think creating a structure and a container, that's your masculine. Creating a space and a structure. For example, if you have a room in your house or a place in your house that feels really safe to you being able to say, okay, this structure, the walls is going to be there to hold me, setting a timeframe, a time limit, here's my structure. I'm going to do this practice for five minutes, 10 minutes, two songs on a playlist, whatever there is your structure to hold you and say, okay, I'm going to take this opportunity to know that I am held by space around me, the divine consciousness. And I'm going to make an opportunity to feel my energies fully. When we can create contrast, we can know, am I feeling this fully?

What does this feel like? What's the difference between contraction and expansion, like being able to make space, to feel the full spectrum of our energy. Maybe you pick one song on a playlist where it's, you're feeling something that you're not feeling fully, whether that's grief, anger, sadness, frustration, like anxiety, unworthiness, whatever those things are and, and allow your body to take the shape of that energy. To really feel that in your body, you may curl up in a ball. You may squeeze every muscle in your body. You may soggy, you may scream. You may like whale on a pillow, whatever that is, like, feel that fully. Then also shift into that next song, that next energy to feel a moment of love, picture a moment that has happened in your life, where you felt so loved, it could be the love from a friend or a family member or something that just feels like, oh, what did that love feel like?

What did that energy in your body feel like? Maybe it's like an opening of your heart. Maybe it's reaching your arms out. Maybe it's like more of that butterfly energy where you're floating. And you're like, oh, I can just be free feeling that contrast will give you the space to notice the different energies within your body. Again, we have this marriage of both masculine and feminine energy within us. Knowing that the structure is always going to hold you in this space, divine is going to witness you in your darkest darks and your lightest lights, and that's going to hold you and love you through it. But unless we can make space to feel the full range, we're not fully in our feminine. Then you be able to say, okay, as I can feel this moment of love, how do I take that energy and blast that out to the world around me and carry that energy with me to know, like, if I can show up and serve love, then I'm really living from my feminine. I'm really living from touching all of my energy and all of my emotions.

Kelcy: I just have to say, because I keep thinking of it like this whole, throughout this entire conversation that like, this is what actors do. This is my background so like actors lit, like not, they're really able to access their feminine energy. And a lot of people don't understand this and they have this misconception of like, the actors are just like, it's like, they're lying. They're pretending. But the actors are not actually pretending at all. They're they are living the, the Mo the deepest, most genuine truth of the human experience. Actors are allowing themselves to open up and experience every single emotion so genuinely and vulnerably, no matter what it is more so than a lot of us allow ourselves to do in real life.It looks like if someone is saying that they, you know, are afraid to touch their rage, like you said, because then it'll just go.

You also, and that's why you have your masculine to hold that space is like, you will allow yourself to feel it and experience it. But it's also understanding that, like, you are more than just that, like, you come back to yourself, which is that structure holding you, holding you safe if I'm explaining that. Right. But all I kept thinking, like ever as our conversation is going throughout this episode, I'm thinking like, this is what actors do. Like, this is exactly what it is is they access these emotions and I don't care if this actor is male, female. Like, I, it doesn't matter what their gender, what their sex is. Like, they, they have learned how to, how to access and live in and use and incorporate and integrate their feminine energy. So, so well, and like that is proof that any of us can do it as well.

Kendall: I actually have a client who is actor and he pretty much drops into that. And he's like, oh, oh, I get it. Because I can use an act like, it's great to stop. It's light bulbs, but it's so much of that. And I think actors do touch an element of their feminine much more deeply than most people.

I think for people who are like, you know, maybe I've been more in my masculine. I haven't been able to drop into my feminine that's okay. Right. Like you, I think when we look at our masculine and feminine energy, I think there's people who are, if you look at it as a spectrum, right. Who are naturally more connected with their masculine or their feminine energy. If you think of it, like 50, 50 would be perfectly balanced where most people aren't perfectly balanced. But if you look at it where I'm like, you know, I'm like 75 feminine, thirty-five masculine, I think. 

Kelcy: I love what you said. It's like what you mentioned earlier, like, you don't know what you don't know. If someone's not even aware that like, this is the energy that's living inside of them and that, you know, they're working together and how to access each, like you, you might not have no idea and then maybe someone's listening to our episode right now and is learning about this for the first time and becoming aware and like you said, maybe they're like, holy. Like I I've been operating in my masculine energy. Like I didn't even realize. And that's okay. And I, and I love that you said we all, I do think no matter what our, what our sex is or, or gender, like we, all of us kind of have one or the other that we more naturally operate from. Like, like looking back. I do think that most of my life I've probably operated more in my masculine energy. Well, I had to really learn how to drop into my feminine energy and even now it's just like learning where in my life, when I need to access and how to get them to work together. 

Kendall: I think a lot of it, you know, it comes back to how we were raised your child, like were, so I know very much, like I was very much raised to be in my masculine energy because what was rewarded was when I was successful, when I accomplished things, when I made certain goals, when I got straight A's when I like hit a certain point in my career and I had XYZ title, that's what was rewarded in my life and in my family. And so of course I would work to amplify that energy. There's nothing wrong with that just about knowing, okay. Like I need to work on like, dropping into this feminine and like really expressing this part because when we are fully integrated and we can express the full range of masculine and feminine, feminine, and masculine, then we become fully in integrity and fully in our, in our most authentic selves.

We have to learn how to both. And so there was nothing wrong with being more in your masculine. There's nothing wrong with being more in your feminine and, you know, like we could even get that much more in depth, our essence, our emotional bodies, like there's so much. If you're curious and you want to know more, just reach out and just spend a lot of time with you, but it's okay. Where you are, is perfect for you. Like it has gotten you to this point and knowing that this energy exists in the world. It's modeled to us in the world that we live in on the planet that we live in orderly. And so if you're feeling like what feels more masculine, what feels more feminine, find something in nature, find something that's like, what feels solid, stable stillness. Okay. That can be more masculine. What feels more free flowing or like a lot of energy, like, you know, the energy of a thunderstorm. Yeah. Very, very feminine because there's a lot of energy and just honor that like monsoon season. Oh my God. It actually rain. This is great. But like honor that like, look at that witness that you're witnessing is the consciousness. And you're witnessing the beauty of the feminine that right there. You're already in a that's.

Kelcy: I have to bring up the fact that earlier you mentioned, you know, how the feminine is more than just like free flowing and exploring, and this and that and you said it's also the chaos. Right. And I think that's so important to touch on too. Someone might hear that and think, uh, that scares me. Like, why would I want to drop into my feminine energy if it's just going to be chaos? Like that might be scary for someone, but it's also understanding that like honoring and exploring your chaos and letting yourself move through whatever that chaos may be is also going to allow you to express yourself fully and more authentically and that's how you grow. Like you're not going to be able to grow to the next version of yourself without, you know, exploring your chaos, which is part of your feminine. So I just wanted to bring that up too, because I know that could sound scary to people hearing like chaos, like no things.

Kendall: That's why these energies aren't separate. Like, yeah. Like there's that part of us that you can, you can feel in. That's what we did like feeling into that space in your heart, that part of you that has never changing that, that consciousness is going to hold you always, then you also have the energy moving through you that chaos, that energy, that feminine, feminine is always there. That it's always within you. They're not separate. And your chaos is always going to be held by the divine that's when we get it, when we surrender into trust, it's like we are surrendering to the divine to hold us in this energy fully. And it doesn't have to come from outside of us that exists within us. putting in and then feeling out of all the energy that is moving around you at the same time.

Kelcy: What do we feel like would be a good action step to take after listening to this episode? Because I know we talked about a lot and there's so much here. Like what's a good starting point?  I like how, you know, how you said, like maybe notice something in nature. Like what, what is masculine energy to you? What is the feminine energy, or even how you, you mentioned earlier, like allow yourself that practice of, you know, putting on the song or dedicating to so much time and choose your, your space, your structure, that masculine energy that you're going to, to be safe and, and allow yourself to feel the feelings moving through you during that time.

Kendall: Definitely. It's super simple. And there was actually, if you go to my IGTVs, there's some embodiment practices, there's a masculine and feminine structure. Um, it's like a five or six minute video, but it gives, it walks you through like an entry point of an embodiment practice of embodying masculine energy. Like really embodying what it feels like to be a tree like solid Redwood, like grounded rooted into the earth. And then what does it feel like to be like, wisping smoke. If you watch it could burn incense or Palo Santo for my, what you boot crew out there, like what does that smoke look like and take the shape of that with your body? Those are a couple simple things of like, okay, just take the shape with your body. Like, what does it feel like? What does feminine feel like? And it's really simple to be able to give the contrast of the textures.

Kelcy: I love how you mentioned, like, it just kind of like the most important thing for taking action with this is just kind of the awareness, like start, it's so simple, like just being aware of it because most people, you know, I don't want to say most people because I don't know that, but I'm sure there's people who haven't really given much thought to this, or weren't even really aware of this, of this energy that existed inside of them, you know? Just like, let yourself take it in and become aware and realize, you know, that you have both of these energies inside of you working together to allow you to live this pretty awesome life and experience, you know? Experience life as a beautiful human being, which is awesome.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • What is masculine and feminine energy?
  • Why is it important to understand masculine and feminine energy in relationships but also leadership and the workplace?
  • How are masculine and feminine energies interconnected?
  • When did Kelcy and Kendall start doing work with the masculine and feminine?
  • How can we integrate the masculine and feminine? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "I also use the masculine and feminine energy as a foundation when I'm working with leaders and organizations, because it's, when we think about masculine and feminine energy, I think a place that I like to start is people tend to get hung up in the, in the terms being really gender terms, like totally feminine, massive and feminine. But when we can start to pull back and look at these terms as energy, and right when we look at masculine and feminine energy, it is the energy that exists within the energies are not separate." -Kendall

Connect with Kelcy:

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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