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Respect with CatieMenke.com

When we can make space to honor the experiences that we didn't feel respected, we can start to then honor the contrast. When we make space for when we're not feeling respected, just as much as we are feeling respected, we can honor the full human experience. We get to feel the full range of human emotions. Respect is about again, honoring ourself, honoring our partners and honoring the community around us. When we start to think about respect, respect is an energy. It's a feeling, it's an admiration, it's an acknowledgement. It is demonstrating honor devotion, commitment, and a feeling of worth. So Katie minky.com is all about, oh, honoring your self-worth through whatever expression feels most unique to you through your movement, through your creativity, through your sexuality, and really starting to embrace this feeling of self. Or when we talk about respect, we have to talk about how we respect ourselves, how we respect our own boundaries, our own expectations and our own self worth.

We first have to start with respecting ourselves before we can expect anybody else to fully respect us as well. Our internal universe, our internal landscape will reflect out into that external world. If we're not feeling deep, respect and honor for ourselves, how can we expect to experience respect in the world, around us, from our partners, from our business partners, from our boss, from the people in the world around us. We have to start with us. What are couple of ways that you can truly start to respect yourself, respect and honor your self worth. That could be something as simple as making sure you're drinking water, making sure you're getting enough sleep and eating the right foods and moving your body and taking beauty, beautiful, full, expansive, deep breaths, and choosing the thoughts and the feelings and the experiences that honor and respect you and yourself or so I want you to think about one thing that you can do to respect yourself every single day.

It could be looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are valued. You appreciated, you are loved and you are so supportive. That's given us a full experience so that we can show up in our fullest light our fullest radiance so that we can not only respect ourselves, but we can give respect to others. Respect is about giving and receiving. We have to give respect just as much as we want to receive it. The way that we demonstrate respect to others could be through listening, through giving acknowledgement, through showing appreciation and really understanding the other person and where they are coming from. It is both giving and receiving respect. Oftentimes when we think about some of these experiences where we've had a lack of respect in our life, it's because we haven't been feeling heard, we haven't been felt acknowledged or valued and appreciated.

The more that we can give that and radiate that out to others, the more respect we will then receive in return. Some of the things that think when we think about respect is how do we start to deserve respect? How does somebody feel deserving to receive respect? I like to give the example of being cocky versus being confident. Cocky is this overly demanding, egotistical presentation in the world. When you were cocky, you kind of demand this respect. And so it doesn't always come from the most heart-centered or authentic place where confidence is again, honoring that internal universe, that internal landscape within to know your innate self worth and value to show up and shine the light through the service of love that's confidence. When you can move with a confidence for yourself, only for yourself, for your connection to the divine, for your service, to the light and not feeling like you have to prove anything, or you need external validation, that's often a way that you will magnetize and call in this respect for yourself.

When you're starting to think about respect, start to again, highlight this gift of contrast that we focused on in the beginning, where have you witnessed either yourself or somebody in your life who carried themselves with a pure, authentic confidence, and that ease that flow of just giving respect to them, respecting them for how they show up, how they speak, how they treat others and how they show up as a human being in this world. Then on the contrast, look at a moment or experience where there was lack of respect. Maybe there was an egotistical, cocky energy where they, they felt like you should pay respect to me and it didn't feel very authentic.

When we can start to highlight these feelings of contrast, and again, anchoring those feelings and sensations into our physical bodies, into our nervous systems will help us show up with more radians, more light, more presence and then the respect becomes something that is easy to receive and give out into the world. When we think about respect, we also have to talk about consent and boundaries. This is really important when it comes to our relationships. When we have personal romantic relationships, we have to understand what our boundaries are. We can have boundaries around our time, around our physical space, around things that you talk about or consume on TV. There's lots of different boundaries that you will want to establish for yourself. Because again, this is going to set up that self-worth and respect and honor for yourself. When you are clear on what those boundaries are, then you can have more confidence communicating that to a partner when you are in partnership or relationship, you're going to want to have these open conversations that are respectful so that you can re talk about what you do or boundaries are, what your expectations are from a place that is heart-centered, it's not highly emotional charged or competitive, and you get to come up with those agreements and those commitments that are going to honor each other's boundaries.

When we start to think about our sexuality, we are innately sexual beings, and this energy is our purest essence. It connects us to God. It connects us to source. It is our creative life force energy. That is our natural sexual essence. Sexuality can get kind of twisted up where we almost feel like there's that lack of respect when people are not authentically connecting with their sexuality, or they may be throwing themselves out as a way to feel validation in from a non authentic place. But when we are connecting with our sexual energy, this pure radiant sexual essence, it is also a way of energetically creating boundaries in a way that's going to honor you and honor the flow of energy with your partners. When we're in partnership and relationship to have a healthy, polarized relationship, we are looking create polarity with a masculine and feminine energies.

We have this beautiful masculine and feminine energy that exists within us. And we are also creating that with our partners. To create a polarized relationship, one that is respectful and honoring of ourselves and our partners, one person is amplifying the masculine energy and the other person is surrendering into the feminine. There are oftentimes rapport breaks and lack of respect that shows up in relationships when there's either a resonance or a deep polarization in relationships. Either both people are amplifying that masculine energy or both people are amplifying the feminine surrendered energy. It's like magnets, butting heads budding like rubbing up against each other on the poles to create this disconnect and a lack of respect. There can also be a lack of respect when there's a deep polarization. Oftentimes as I'll use myself as an example, as a feminine being, there are times where I want to deeply surrender into my feminine energy to be in flow, to experience, pleasure, to experience emotions.

My partner can amplify his masculine and he can hold the container. He can lead our partnership and relationship in a way that feels really honoring and respectful. Now, there are times where I, um, as a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a person who has a highly integrated masculine energy, I can sometimes over amplify my masculine energy. And he either has to take the backseat and surrender into the feminine energy, or we will butt heads because we're both trying to lead the situation. This can feel like, uh, an innate lack of respect, a disconnection between ourselves. When we think about this sexual energy, it's not just the sexual energy that exists in the bedroom. It is also how we show up and how we experience our relationships with other people now, as for our sexual energy and our sexuality that does exist in the bedroom.

It is so healthy to have boundaries around what we do and don't want to do what we desire and we don't want to experience. And there should always be an enthusiastic yes of consent. You have the right to change your mind. If you are ever not feeling respected or honored in the bedroom or in a sexual experience, you have the right to refuse and say, you know, this isn't feeling right. I'd like to change my mind. So when we think about our sexual energy, we want to make sure that it is honoring that internal landscape, that feeling of respect and worth that we have for ourselves, so that we can receive that from another person. So respect has so many layers. What it comes down to is we want to be honored. We want to be acknowledged. We want to be appreciated. So when we look at respect, we have to first recognize our own respect and self-worth for ourselves, so that we can show up and meet our partners, our romantic partners in a space of respect, honoring boundaries and consent coming from a place of pure, authentic confidence to both give and receive respect.

We also want to honor boundaries and consent to make sure that we're clear on the things that are going to fill us up so that we can radiate and shine our brightest light possible and be able to communicate those boundaries to a partner or to our friends or to our, even our bosses and our professional experiences. I am so honored to share this information with you. If you have any questions, please connect with me. I'm happy to dive deeper into the energy of respect in relationships, to make sure that you feel you are going to be the most honored in how you show up and how you radiate your life. You can find me on Instagram at soul saturations or my website, www.soulsaturations.com. I'm here to hold space, hold the container for you to make sure that you feel that you are so worthy of respect. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you soon.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • What does respect actually mean?
  • Why do we need to start with respecting ourselves?
  • What practices can be do to increase the respect for ourselves?
  • Why is respect about giving and receiving? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "Respect is about again, honoring ourself, honoring our partners and honoring the community around us. When we start to think about respect, respect is an energy. It's a feeling, it's an admiration, it's an acknowledgement. It is demonstrating honor devotion, commitment, and a feeling of worth." - Kendall
  • "Respect is about giving and receiving. We have to give respect just as much as we want to receive it. The way that we demonstrate respect to others could be through listening, through giving acknowledgement, through showing appreciation and really understanding the other person and where they are coming from." - Kendall

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  • Online: www.catiemenke.com

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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