Episode 56: You Choose Your Transmission

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2021

You Choose Your Transmission

In today's episode, I want to share a little bit about bringing consciousness to the unconscious. Think about all the areas in our life, where we are unconscious, where we don't have to put thought or effort towards showing up and living our lives. Just like our breath, inhaling and exhaling, moving in and out of our lungs, just like our heart pumping blood throughout our bodies. We don't even have to think about these things and they just happen.

If we can make a choice to bring conscious awareness, attention, and focus to different of our life, like our breath, it can become more expansive and that much deeper, the same goes for our life, our partnerships and our relationships. I am diving deep into a container with one of my teachers, John Wineland and Matt and I are going through not only a couples program, but I'm also going through a woman's intensive. As I'm doing this work and having so much more consciousness come to things that I have maybe not been as conscious of before in my life and my partnership in my relationship. I believe that by sharing my lessons and my awareness and things that are really ringing true for me, you may have some of your own realizations, and this is one of the biggest purpose elements in how I show up in my work is that I want to share my personal learning, my personal experiences, the things that I am going through, because I know I am not alone.

I know that you are having this same learning and a lot of the same experiences. So as we start to bring consciousness to our partnership, to our relationships, one of the things that I think has really hit home with me is bringing subtle attention to how we show up every single day. We are constantly in relationship, whether or not we are in partnership with somebody. So we are constantly relating to the world around us, to our, your space, your environment, people that you meet on the street, your friends, your family, of course, your romantic partner, or the person that you are dating and in that relationship that we show up in, in any environment, we are constantly sending out energy. Everything we do is energy. You know, I've talk a lot about this fears of energy. We have the energy of you, which is your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your beliefs, and that energy will ripple out and affect your sphere of influence.

Your friends, your family, your romantic partners, the people, even on your social media, or if you have a business, this would be your clients and then that energy is going to then ripple out and affect the energy of the planet, the intensity of the planet. Our energy is constantly sending out these energetic ripple effects that impact those around us and energy is then going to move inwards. When we talk about this fears of inf of energy, the energy of the planet, the intensity of the planet will re ripple in words, affect your sphere of influence, patrolled that and ripple, inwards, and effect. I like to say the tone with these spheres of energy, as we start to talk about how we are relating in the world, because it always comes back to our energy and how we want that energy to be felt in the world.

When I coach leaders and executives of conscious global organizations, we talk a lot about the impact that people have, the impact that we have and how we're being perceived constantly. Because especially when we are in a place of leadership, people are always watching us, witnessing us, feeling us I'm feeling energy. And the same thing goes for every single human being on the planet. We, we are being felt, we are being witnessed. We are being watched constantly, and it can be from something as simple as walking down the aisle in the grocery store to standing on a stage and sharing your message and speaking your presence. Something that I am very passionate about is bringing self awareness to our energy, to how we are being perceived in the world. And so when you can start to reflect on some simple questions, like how do I want to be perceived by the people around me?

What do I want people to feel when I walk in a room? How do I want people to feel when I leave a room, how do I want to be remembered? What do I want people to feel? I feel when they are spending time with me or thinking about me, or what do I want people to feel when they're interacting with my content online, whether that's on social media or via a text message or an email, we can start to ask ourselves these questions and bring some self-awareness to our energy and how we're being perceived in the world. And I've always said, self-awareness is a gift. Oftentimes we are not even self aware of these energetic ripple effects that we are sending out onto the planet. Let's come back to this idea that we are constantly in relationship to the world, to our space, our environment, the people around us and our romantic partners.

If our energy is constantly being felt by all of these that we are in relationship with, we have to remember that we choose how our energy is felt it's up to nobody else but us. We are the ones who, who are sending out this energy onto the planet. And my teacher, John Wineland calls this a transmission. Our energy is a constant transmission that can either be conscious or unconscious. We started our, our episode today by bringing conscious awareness to something that is unconscious our breath, while the same thing goes for our transmission, we get to choose how our transmission is felt. We get to choose what that energy feels like. And this lesson has hit really hard for me because let's think about unconscious transmissions. So if you are going to the grocery store, walking down the aisle, doing your grocery shopping, you're pulling things off the shelf.

What is that energy that you are putting out for most people in the world, myself included. It tends to be a rather unconscious experience where I've got my list. I'm thinking about other things I may be thinking about where I'm going after the grocery store, what I have to do when I'm done all the other things that are on my to-do list. I tend to be very much in my head am. I would say for most people on the planet, if you look around the grocery store at that tends to be where their energy is as well, it's pretty unconscious. That transmission that is coming out of each person can be felt by everybody else. If you were to tune in and bring conscious awareness to this transmission, think about the example of the grocery store. When you're stuck in your head, thinking about your to-do list, what you have to do after the grocery store, and you're going through, and you're trying to get all your shopping done as quickly as possible with as little distractions as possible.

What is that transmission on the planet? What does that transmission feel like to the grocery store around you? The people that are walking down the Isles start to bring awareness to that transmission, or think about how can you bring conscious awareness to this transmission, to this transmission that you are sending out onto the planet. If you're again using this grocery store example, what if you were to bring conscious awareness? What if you were to think about filling your body with breath, to feel the ground underneath your feet, to be breathing deeply and noticing the colors, the smells, the textures, the sensations, and just having beauty in the present moment. If you were to be aware of the people around you to think about having a conscious transmission of love and light and gratitude, what would that feel like to the people around you in the grocery store?

It would be a completely different experience. You get to choose your transmission no matter what your surroundings are. It is your choice. When I start to think about this in connection to relationship, we are constantly transmitting energy with our partners, with the people that we are dating. And when we start to think about bringing conscious awareness to this transmission, you get to answer the question, what do I want to transmit? What is that energy that you want to be felt by others from you? Despite what is happening in the world around you, what your partner may be doing, what they're focused on it is still your choice. You get to choose what your transmission is. If you want to transmit full, deep breaths, pleasure in your body and transmitting love and gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, you get to make that choice no matter what's happening around you.

This for me was a big takeaway because sometimes when I'm stuck in mine to do list, or I have other things that can be somewhat unconscious, that transmission then can drop to being stuck in my head or not bringing awareness to how I show up and how I've radiate in the world. So it always starts with awareness. And one of the things that I am working on is bringing awareness and consciousness to how I move through the day. When I am getting out of bed, how do I sit up? How do I move my body? How do I connect with pleasure as the first thing that I touch? Maybe it's just taking a moment to cuddle up next to my partner or wrap my arms around a puppy dogs sleeping next to me and just breathing pleasure into the present moment. As I get up, it's moving with intention.

It's being able to drink my with gratitude and feeling the pleasure of the water, touching my lips and moving through my mouth and down my throat. It's being able to sign. I, as the hydration fills my cells and I was like, get up. And I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and stretch and move the more attention and awareness I can bring to my movements throughout the day. The more I can walk with intention, the more I can focus on finding pleasure in my body, my transmission is going to be felt differently. So the more awareness we bring, the more consciousness we bring to our transmission, the more intentional we can bring, the more intentional we can be. So again, thinking and reflecting, as you know, I always like to say, reflect on your purpose, intentions on your impact.

Why is it important for you to transmit in a certain way? Why do you want your energy to be felt in a particular way? And how do you want it to be felt? What intentions do you have as you move through your day, when you can set clear intentions and focus your energy, you're going to show up in a different way and it's going to be felt differently. So what kind of impact do you want to have again? How do you want your energy to be felt? So this is, this adds a whole other element of your transmission. Yes, it is your choice. You will transmit what you bring conscious awareness to, but again, we are in relationship. Relationship is a dynamic interaction. It is an active piece between two people or yourself self and the environment. If we are constantly in relationship with the world, the space around us and the people around us, specifically our partners, our transmission will impact our partner.

That impact can be something where if it is unconscious, if our transmission is unconscious, how that impacts our partner could be not for the highest and greatest good, they could be, feel our agitation and our frustration. So something that Matt and I tend to get, huh? Not Bon or have conscious and unconscious patterns around us when we work out together. So this is something that just came up for Matt and I is that sometimes we go into the gym together and I'm already in my head. I may be, um, agitated, stuck in my head, thinking about different things in my life. Um, my to-do list, my emails, my clients. And so I can be somewhat agitated when we're in the gym, but not happy place is the gym. And so my transmission, the energy that I'm sending out, I have to be conscious of because he will feel that.

If I'm in my head and I'm agitated and the transmission that I'm sending out isn't of the highest it's going to impact him, his day will be thrown off. He goes into a tailspin and it sets him up to be thrown off for the rest of his day, but that's based on my transmission. So again, it's a choice how I transmit and what it will impact, how it will impact him. So our trends ans missions evoke other energies from our partners. If we want to choose how we transmit, we also get to have a choice of what we evoke. This comes back to the idea of polarity and that masculine and feminine dynamic that we are constantly playing with. When we want to create more polarized environments, more polarized experiences in our partnership, in our relationship. what do you want to transmit?

If you want to transmit pleasure, energy, full breath, what will that evoke or bring out in your partner? Let's look at this idea of polarity. I work with a lot of women who say, I want my partner to be more conscious. I want more depth. I want them to be more aware in the moment. If that is what you want to evoke from your partner, you have to be able to control what you are transmitting. If you're trying to evoke depth and presence and consciousness from your masculine partner, as a feminine being the thing that will evoke more depth presence and consciousness is by transmitting trust, devotion, pleasure, and yearning. When you can transmit the pleasure that exists in your body, that yearning and the devotion and the trust that you feel for your partner, as you look at them, that will automatically start to evoke more depth, more presence, more consciousness.

You get to choose what your transmission is, no matter what is happening with your partner. Your partner could be distracted. He could be focused on his work, his emails, things that he has to get, but you get to control all your transmission. If you start to transmit pleasure and devotion and yearning through your body, that will evoke more depth, more presence, more consciousness from your partner. He will automatically show up differently just as if you are a masculine being and you want to evoke more of that trust, more of that devotion or pleasure in your feminine partner. You have to think about how you are transmitting that depth, that presence, that consciousness in order to evoke pleasure and energy and devotion and trust from your feminine partner. Now this isn't gender specific, this is of course can be same-sex couples.

It's whoever is amplifying the masculine energy, which tends to be depth, presence, and consciousness. If they are transmitting that masculine energy, it will evoke more of the feminine. That devotion, that pleasure, that your name. What do you want to transmit? What do you want to evoke? It is your choice. You get, yeah. To bring conscious awareness to that. To tie it full circle here, when I reflect back on my partnership and my relationship, I get to control what I am transmitting and what I am evoking from my partner. If Matt and I are home and we're doing a somewhat, normally subconscious or unconscious experience, like making dinner together, normally it's a pretty resonant ex um, experience for us. We get along or we have a great time. We talk, we chat, we cook dinner together. But if I want to bring more consciousness to an experience like cooking dinner together, if I'm really looking to evoke more consciousness, more depth and more presence from my partner, Matt, how do I start to transmit trust, devotion, pleasure, and urination.

How do I move with pleasure as I'm helping cook dinner, maybe it's feeling the water rush over my hands and through my fingertips. As I wash my hands, or maybe it's pulling out the food in a more slow, sensual, energetic way. Maybe it's being really thoughtful in how I move my body or swaying my hips with a bit more pleasure and running my fingertips over his shoulders and down his arms in devotion and yearning. I mean, that will evoke more, more depth and presence from him. There can be more pleasure in the moment and you can feel the spark of polarity, the spark of that sexual energy that is coursing in between us, because I am choosing to be conscious of what I am transmitting and what I want to evoke just as he gets to make that same choice. If he wants more pleasure from me, the transmission that he can send out can be more depth and more presence, which will evoke that pleasure and energy from me.

These are just a couple of things that have really been resonating for myself, for my partnership. And being able to share this information with you will hopefully give you a couple of things to think about. I want to start to drip in the fact that I'm going to be launching a couples coaching program in October. In the middle of October, through the middle of November, it's going to be four to six weeks of really deep work. It's really, uh, the first week is going to be setting the container four weeks of deep coaching work. And then the final sixth week is really closing the container and setting you off with an action plan. I'm going to be sharing more information about that, but some of these lessons will be integrated into this couples coaching program and this program I'm only going to take three couples.

I want three really purpose driven soul centered couples that have a solid partnership and relationship that are ready to take a couple of these tools, integrate that into their partnerships so that they can take their love to the next level. So if this is something that sounds like you're looking for more depth in your partnership and more spark and more polarity and, and some ways to deepen your connection with your partner, reach out to me, send me a message. Um, you can get more information on my email list. I'll be sending out more information. Stay tuned. I'm so excited to share this with you. The one thing I will leave you with is remember, you get to choose your transmission. What do you want to transmit? And what do you want to evoke from your partner? Let me know if this resonates with you, what stands out, what information you want more on, and I can't wait to connect with you more soon.

During today's episode I talk about:

  • How do you bring self-awareness to your energy?
  • How can you be impacted by energy and how can your energy impact others?
  • How can you choose what your transmission is?
  • How can you use your energy to support your relationships?

Memorable Moments:

  • "If we can make a choice to bring conscious awareness, attention, and focus to different of our life, like our breath, it can become more expansive and that much deeper, the same goes for our life, our partnerships and our relationships"

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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