Episode 55: The Gift of Embodiment

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021

 The Gift of Embodiment 

Today we are talking all about the gift of embodiment. Now this is part of my personal journey and my journey and my own relationship with Matthew and our partnership and our relationship. And so some of you may know that we've stepped into a container together with one of my teachers and mentors, John Wineland called depth and devotion, and this has been just a beautiful, beautiful gift.

This is really in alignment with a lot of the things that I have been teaching for a long time. And I have so much gratitude for the container to be a student, to really commit, to endless learning and presence and development of the integrity of my own container as an individual, as a partnership, and being able to do that deeper work and heal deeper layers of myself so that I can show up in pure integrity for each one of you. We talk about this a lot, the work that we do for ourselves, that healing that work that is going to evolve us as a soul, as a human being on this planet right here, right now takes the commitment and devotion to ourselves. As well as to our partners. We want to show up and involve with a partner in this life.

It is a practice and it is a constant journey of learning and healing and growing and as we know, we choose our partners to highlight those deepest wounds that we have, those karmic patterns, those things that we are looking to shift and change so that we can evolve and become the best versions of ourselves. So when we talk about this gift of embodiment, this is a process that I have been working with clients for many, many years on it. And if you go all the way back to episode eight, called embrace integrate embody, you will get a lot more information about this process. And I want to highlight it in the context of today. So when we look at this process of embrace, integrate, embody, this is a process that we can refer back to as we are moving, growing, and evolving as a soul, we are these beautiful spiritual beings, having a human experience and guess what the human experience is not easy at times, it's quite hard.

Sometimes you would much rather give up, then keep going towards the light. So I'm here to remind you that you are not alone on this journey. This is something that you have chosen as your curriculum, as your soul's unique template, as you learn and show up and shine your light on this planet. So, as we are learning new things, as we are evolving, we are growing where it constantly moving through this process of embrace, integrate, and embody. So if you haven't listened to episode eight, what the does that even mean? So let's give a little highlight here and talk about it in this context. And I want to share just a lot about my personal journey as you know, Matt and I have had one hell of a year, and we're constantly looking at recommitting to our partnership and our container and looking at what are the expectations, what are the boundaries, what are the true purpose and intentions of our container?

This journey has been a really big piece of what that looks like. So as I start with this process of embrace integrate, embody, let's start off with the first step to embrace. When you think about an embrace, what does that feel like to you breathe into that. If you can imagine a time where you had a delicious embrace in your life, what did it feel like? What the energy moving through your body, maybe there was a spark of passions and butterflies, maybe a softening in your heart, a deepening in your breath, a flesh of your cheeks and a tingling within your sex center. But when you think about an embrace, especially the embrace of a lover, it is that foundation of trust where you are opening your arms, you're opening your body. You are opening your heart and soul.

This is truly trusting the foundation of trust in yourself, trust in your partner and trust in the divine. We always start with this embrace when we're learning something new and we are growing when we are evolving as a being, we have to start off by embracing that new learning that new lesson. When I think about not an ISE journey to really embrace the gift of embodiment, we have to open our arms and open our beings to stretch past closure, to reach past the thing, things that feel uncomfortable. When we look at our journey, we are so conditioned as all of us as human beings, we are so conditioned to show up in ways that repeat our karmic patterns, ways that our subconscious thinking is ingrained deeply within our DNA and our neural pathways, that when we are embracing something new, sometimes it can feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Maybe it's a little bit exciting or feeling somewhat forbidden just as if you were embracing a new lover. And so Matt and I have really had to make this commitment to embrace this journey together. Embodiment work has been something that I have been diving deep into personally. And when we started this journey together to really start to build this as part of our practice that we're doing consistently as a partnership, it takes strategy [inaudible] through that discomfort and trusting the relationship we have to ourselves, the relationship we have to each other and our trust in the divine. So when we are working with the light, right, as soul's evolving, we want to be working with the light of the highest and greatest good. We have to trust that the light will do what it's meant to do. And a lot of times that means that the light will shine on anything that is not liked.

When we can set our intentions of a pure place of integrity to honor the light to honor and trust ourselves, and honor, and trust our partners and honor, and trust the divine, the light can then do its work. That also means that we get to have this beautiful opportunity to shift the things that are going to be highlighted and illuminated by the light, which means karmic patterns and past experiences that we no longer want to experience anymore. So when we can choose to work with the light, we have this beautiful opportunity to shift it. So going back to this process of embrace, integrate, and embody, we start off by first embracing, trusting that we are doing things of the highest intention for the highest and greatest good to work with the light. And we're open to trust and stretching past closure. Then we move into the next step, which is integration and integration is application in action.

As I said, with my personal embodiment practice, I've had a deep embodiment practice on my own that has created incredible shifts within my own perspective and how I show up and relate to life. Now, add in a partner, another soul, having a human experience with all of his past soul karma and human experiences. It adds a whole nother layer of complication and challenges. And so I'm constantly looking for new ways to integrate, to apply things with action. There is a lot of information out there in the world that exists today that says, change your mindset, change your life, where yes, your mindset work is incredibly important, but until you can bring that into your body to touch fully these deeper emotions, we can't fully transcend those experiences and rewire those karmic patterns and neural pathways that exist within our physical body. So if you dive into episode 54, there's a beautiful transmission of pleasure and deep emotion.

You can listen to these back to back to back where you can listen to this transmission, this meditation, and drop into it. Then listen to this episode about the gift of embodiment, and then listen to a transmission again and start to see, do you notice any shifts within your physical being? Can you integrate things on a deeper level? Can you make more space within your physical body to touch things fully? When we are in the state of integration, it is a choice to show up, to make the actions. This is a practice. When we talk about an embodiment practice and a devotional practice or a self-pleasure practice, it's called a practice for a reason because you will shift. You will change. Your experience will be different day to day. One day, you will go deep as. And the next day you can barely get past breathing and breathing fully deeply into your belly.

This is radical compassion, honoring our human experience that we are showing up. And when we show up with the purity of intentions to work with the light, to work with the highest and greatest good for our evolution of ourself and all those beings around us, we start to shift on a radical level, but it takes devotion. Devotion is deeper than a commitment. Devotion integrates that trust in the divine. You can hear a little bit more on episode 52, where we talk a little bit about the difference between devotion and commitment. And when we are in the process of integration, we have to be fully devoted to our own integration. Integration is where we want to give up. We want to stop. We want to quit. We don't want to do the work because we are touching things that are not light. We are touching that place.

That is a shadow and a crevice and a spot of discomfort. But when we can be devoted, when we can fully trust and embrace the divine and our process, we know that we are here to have a beautiful evolution and this process is a gift. As I relate this back to Matt and I's personal relationship and experience of diving deeply into the gift of embodiment, and especially within this container of depth and devotion, our integration process has been deep and challenging as. Let me see, say that again. It has been deep N challenging as. That means we have been pushed to our limits. We have been at our edge. And once again, we have looked at each other to say, do I actually want to do this work? Do we want to do this work together again, go back to episode 52.

There is so much information about, do you want to be with the person that you are dating and doing this work? So Matt and I have really had to look in the mirror, uh, the way that we show up, not only as individuals, but together as a partnership. And we had to, again, recommit to our partnership to say, yes, I am not only committed to you, but I am fully devoted to you. And to love, I am devoted to the flow, no of love. And I am responsible for showing up in that space. The gift of embodiment work is that it gives us an opportunity to be fully in integrity, pure transmissions of how we radiate love and light into the planet. And we also, at the same time have this integrity and pure transmissions. We also get to honor human process. That's what we talk about on episode eight, where we talk about embraced, integrate, embody.

This is a process we don't just get to a state where we are fully embodied without honoring our process and having a practice. When we look at the definition of embodiment, John Wineland gives some really clear definitions that I like, and he looks at it through two different lenses. The first lens of what it means to be embodied is to take a somewhat theorial concept and make it real through the body so that it can be felt by others. So how many of you have said, I crave deep presence from my partner? Well, taking this concept of deep presence, how would you embody that? How would that become the transmission that is moving through your body so that it can be, he felt by others. Maybe you want to embody a sensual goddess. How would that transmit through your body so that it could be felt by others are perhaps radical compassion. If you can breathe into that space of radical compassion and turn the dial up on that through your body, other people will be able to feel that the other definition that John Wineland uses that I really align with is to bring the breath, awareness and energy to a particular part of your body. If you are going to be embodied in your heart, you're going to bring all your breath, all your awareness and all of your energy into your heart space.

When we are looking at being fully embodied, this word is tossed around so much in the spiritual intimacy, sex and relationship self-development world, where you see an embodiment coach on every corner. And what I think of deeply when I think of this state of embodiment is integrity. Do your words, do your actions, do your intentions, and the way that you show up energetically and the way that you are perceived in the world, all come to alignment. So, so as you are reflecting on your process, your journey to embodiment know that it is a gift. No, that there is a lot of noise. There is a lot of chaos in this space that may be confusing you or pulling you off center, ask for your information to come through a filter that is of the highest and greatest good make sure that the information you are aligning with is of the light, because embodiment may be a really common term right now.

This work of embodiment practice, this has been a beautiful opportunity for not only myself to have these incredible shifts within my own and how I relate to myself, how I relate to the space around me, to the world, around me and to my partner. But as we do these embodiment practices together, Matt and I have gone so deep and we have re committed to our partnership, to our container to bring consistent depth and voting [inaudible] to our partnerships so that we can be in full integrity with our selves. So my intention of sharing this work to you is to help be a light and a guide to the real shifts that you can experience in your own life and your own partnerships.

You can change your life, unless unless you bring it into your physical body, you will continue to repeat the same pattern again and again, and again. Now there's nothing wrong with those patterns. Those patterns have kept you safe up until this point. They have, I've gotten you to where you are today. And it is an opportunity to say, where do I want to go? Where do I want to move? Where do I want to grow? Where do I want to evolve as a soul, as a spiritual being, having a human experience, how do I want to show up shine my light and serve the highest and greatest good. So true embodiment is a life time practice. And I'm so honored to stand in front of you humbly today, sharing this information, sharing the lessons that I am learning.

I have so much gratitude to Matt for being my partner, to showing up and doing this work with me because not only are we going deep as in our relationship, he's having to go deep as for himself. I'm honored to have a partner on this journey. And I am honored to share the lessons that we experience with each one of you. If this resonates with you, if there's something you really feel in alignment with, or you want to learn about more, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here too, help shine the light and hold the space of non-judgment to let you know, so that you are so worthy of everything that you desire when you want to step into true embodiment, I'm to help walk along the journey with you today. So thanks so much for tuning in. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, shoot me an email or connect with me on Instagram. I hope you're having a beautiful day and it has been such an honor. That's with you.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • How can you embrace your soul’s evolution like you would embrace a lover?
  • Why should you stretch past the discomfort of integration?
  • How has embodiment work shifted my relationship to myself, my partner, and the planet?
  • What does embodiment mean?

Memorable Moments:

  • "It is a practice and it is a constant journey of learning and healing and growing and as we know, we choose our partners to highlight those deepest wounds that we have, those karmic patterns, those things that we are looking to shift and change so that we can evolve and become the best versions of ourselves."

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K 

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