Episode 39: Marrying the Wild Woman and the Business Woman with Regina Lawrence

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Marrying the Wild Woman and the Business Woman with Regina Lawrence

Kendall: Today I am so excited to introduce you to the one, the only Regina Lawrence. For those of you who don't know Regina Lawrence, she is just an all around incredible woman on the planet. She actually was my first business coach when I launched Soul Saturations and gave me the loving kick in the to make this whole everything a reality. She's an Epic human in all things, business coach for business, for business coach, for coaches, and just shines up, shines her light in a lot of different ways. Let's dive in and talk about how you shine your light on the planet and you know, what feel, what do you feel most called to share this morning? 

Let's talk a little bit about the soulful in your journey and then we'll dive into the sexual because I think those are two really key components and how we show up as women, as friends and as community leaders.

Regina: It's interesting like my journey to be a soulful business coach and just a soulful human has had many different pathways and ups and downs and valleys and mountains. I am by education, a lawyer and was a law professor and that life, while it served me and it helped me form my brain in a certain way and helped me to show up. As I show up today, it served me until it didn't. And I got to this point where my soul was crying out to do something different and to live my life in a way that was more fulfilling. My, the question was like, how can I make more money? How can I have more fulfillment? How can I have more time? And how can I make a greater impact?

I had a partner, I had all the things you work for by the time you were 30. And I was deeply, deeply unfulfilled. And so that deep feeling of unfulfillment led me to going on a soul journey and knowing in my soul and in my heart and in my gut that like life didn't have to be so hard. I just didn't know what it would look like. And I remember standing in my bathroom with like my hands opened and saying like, I don't know what you want me to do, but I will do whatever it is. Sometimes we say that we don't mean it. Like I truly meant it. I was like, whatever you want, I trust I will do like, I will move. I will leave Philadelphia. I will do whatever you want. That led me to hiring my own business and life coach. It led me to selling everything I own and moving from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Arizona with nothing more than my cats, my clothes and my car and starting my life completely new in the desert.

Kendall: What were some of the things that you did in that moment of soulful surrender to say, okay, what am I going to do next? How did you show up in that space?

Regina: I started to create space for myself to figure out what did my soul really want to do? Why am I on this planet? What am I here to do? And I was like, I know that whatever is going to come up, we'll probably look completely different than what I'm doing now. And I trust that each step of the way I'll figure it out because I always figure it out. It always, life always works out for me. Like it's always happening for me. And so I just took one thing at a time. I was like, okay, like you went to law school, like, why were you called to be a lawyer? Like, why were you called to form your brain in this way? Okay, great. That, how can I use this in another way? Okay, great. I have all these skills. How can I use a, to help entrepreneurs and business owners and help myself build a business? And that it was just like taking it one thing at a time. Like I only need to know the next step and I'm going to jump on the next step. And then you're going to show me the step after that.

Kendall: As you're supporting people to build their business, why is it so important to just get clear on the next step?

Regina: Ee get so overwhelmed. We literally are like, there's 27,000 things to do, so I'm just not going to get started, but really the secret to like fast action, which is something that I am all about. I'm quick and dirty and I get done. It's because I try not to focus on the 72,000 steps ahead of me. Just the one thing, what is the one thing I need to get the ball rolling? Like, and then once you do that, you're like, Oh, that wasn't that bad. Okay. Well, what's the thing after that. But when you start to like put yourself in like analysis paralysis to do lists, like the overwhelm takes over, and then we end up in bed like watching Netflix for hours instead of doing anything.

Kendall: What are some things that you do today as an entrepreneur and business owner that creates space for that soulful expansion?

Regina: My mornings are sacred. I do not take clients before 12 noon. Sometimes I make exceptions for it, but my mornings are my sacred time for me. So for me, it looks like journaling. It looks like meditation. It looks like sitting with Hoppa. That's been like a modality. That's been really powerful for me lately. It looks like reading and it looks like quiet time. It looks like singing and listening to mantras. It's not the same every morning. And I don't have a rigid morning routine because I, I won't live in the rigid, rigid a day, some mornings. I want to journal some writings. I don't like lately the past 14 days has been quiet space in the morning, sitting with hoppy setting intentions. I have, uh, I have, um, three pages in my journal of, um, things that I'm manifesting. So I'm reading them every morning. I'm sitting with happy, I'm listening to affirmations and I'm crying every morning for about 10 minutes every morning right now, because I have to really, and that's this that's been the past two weeks, but I don't know what next week will look like. It's always, it's always my own time.

Kendall: You talk about wanting to create more money, more time, more fulfillment, more impact. You are very clear on the fact that money allows you to show up and have a greater impact. Oftentimes people get tied up in the fact of, I can't make that much money. I don't know if I deserve that and it's very closely connected to our sexuality and our sexual wellbeing. I know you have a lot of passion around that. Can you speak to that a little bit of the importance and how you have overcome it for yourself?

Regina: We have a limit on what we think we can make and as we expand, we see that limit increase. Right? When I was in practice, like I thought that like a couple of hundred thousand dollars was like the max, because in that container, that was pretty much like market value max. I have started to stretch my limits of what I can make in my business and it comes like, I don't think that when we're calling in greater abundance and greater money in our life, that we can be like, Oh, I make five grand a month and now I'm all of a sudden I can make that like leap to a hundred thousand a month mentally. It's really hard for us to do that. For me, it's been incremental. It's been like, okay, like I can make five grand a month and then it's like, I can make 10 grand a month. I've taken it incrementally because I know myself and my rational brain is very powerful. And it'll be like, where is that money coming from? So that's the side of like opening up the ability to like call it greater abundance. The other side of it, like the sexual side of it is it's the sexual slash, um, deserving side of it. So a breakthrough that I had this year was when we allow less in one area of our life, it impacts our ability to make money and call in abundance. So I was dating somebody for nine months and I was allowing behavior that was less than what I deserved and what my heart really desired and what I realized and what ultimately led me to end that relationship was that I realized that I was energetically saying, Hey, give me less in this relationship, give me less in love. Give me less, because I wasn't having as much sex as I want it to be having. I wasn't having the kind of sex that I wanted to be having all the time. I wasn't getting the connection I wanted. I realized that that was actually a huge block for me, abundance wise money-wise. I ended that relationship in January and really like thought and spent a lot of time sitting with that understanding and within a month, my monthly income triple, like from ending that block.

Kendall: What are some of the things that you're now doing as you look at, what does that big expansion look like moving forward? If you were to remove the increments and just lean all the way in, where do you want to go and how do you want to embody that?

Regina: After I ended the last relationship I had, I have had this really like incredible sexual awakening. I have had these sexual experiences that have like opened me up, like in incredible ways. It's been really interesting and really powerful, but that the impact of that connection and those experiences have completely cast a new light in the rest of my life. And so it's opened me up to be like, Oh, like, where else can you expand in ways that make you uncomfortable at first? But like will ultimately be the most beautiful, expansive, like soul upleveling. I had all of this together has caused me to be like, okay, like I can do whatever I want in my business. I can marry, you know, the spiritual and the wild woman and the analytical woman and truly embody all the things that I speak about all the time. I can be confusing to like people in the matrix and have hundred thousand dollar weeks in my business. That is not just possible, but it is happening and so my whole perspective has like completely shifted and expanded in a big way.

Kendall: When you think about your wild woman, your spiritual woman, your business woman, what are those key things that you think stand out about those archetypes and really come together to create a beautiful journey overall?

Regina: The things that stand out about those archetypes, like I was in a breathwork the other day, and we were talking about my wild woman and I realized like everything that my wild woman is like, I already am. She like shows up as she is. She speaks her mind. She does not care what people think about her. She is in her power. She is in her glory. For me, marrying that free spirit with that free, powerful spirit with like that strong, confident, analytical part of myself, like that's like, that's all the things for me, that's the total package. How do I show up and in all of that all the time. You get to just step into and live and, and flow in your wild woman, because the other part of you is never going away is so ingrained in you.

Kendall: When you think about society conditioning, societal conditioning, what are some of the big things that you personally have had to overcome and you have helped other people overcome when it comes to society's conditioning around what we should be?

Regina: Especially in working with women, like there's so many expectations expectations on who we should be, or shouldn't be because society likes to be like, okay, you're a spiritual woman. Like I expect you to be like on a yoga mat, like calm, peaceful, like that ultimate stereotype of like feminine energy, or if you're a spiritual woman, like, don't be too this, like, don't be too crass. You know, like that's like, that's the societal archetypes for how we're supposed to be and so the biggest thing is like, we all are all the things we are all, you're all making Dick jokes behind closed doors. You're all saying funny. We're all, we all have moments. Like we're all spiritual beings that are having a human experience. And so it's just allowing people the space to be like, no, I get to be all of this. And it's also helping people overcome like the worry and the fear of judgment that people will always have for us.

Kendall: How have you developed or leaned into that of creating a community that allows you to be all the things?

Regina: When I moved here, especially like I very intentionally said, I want these type of friends. I want real friends. I want to have real conversations. Like I want to be able to be vulnerable and open and honest and show up as I am. I want to know that, like when I get up to go to the bathroom that like people aren't talking about me, um, like I just was very intentional in setting that intent of who I want to be friends with. I went into action and put myself in places to meet those people. And I still do that, like in every part of my life when I'm connecting and growing. I think if you're, if you're seeking that type of community, like set that intention and, and know who you're calling and just like when you're calling in a partner, like you get very clear and specific on the human that you're calling into your life, you do the same thing with friendships.

Kendall: In this space of not settling in business and fully expanding, what does that look like in a partnership level for you?

Regina: When I think about like calling in the most expansive human, I, I bring a lot of energy to the table, more energy than most human beings, I think in a lot of ways. And I bring in a lot of masculine energy and I bring in just as much feminine energy. For me, the first thing is like, who is the man that can hold this container with me? And that sees it and that loves it and is like, wow, okay, let's go. That's the first thing. Then underneath that, it's like within the, that person's ability to hold the container, like how well do we communicate with one another? Like, are we able to work through any communication barriers we have and communicate well with each other? You know, what is the, if we have great communication, like, what is the sexual connection like with us? I want to look at them and be like, wow, you're on another planet.

Kendall: If you have a one thing that you would want to share with people who are looking to lean into being all the things and marrying all of these aspects of themselves, what would be one final thing that you would want to leave them with?

Regina: I think before you can step into all the things, you actually have to know who you are. And the way to know who you are is you have to sit and spend intentional time in the white space, in the quiet with yourself. Being alone with yourself is the scariest, most exciting, most beautiful thing you can do yet. We all avoid it so much. You don't know who you are or what you want to be or where you want to go or how you can actually step into all the things until you get to know yourself. Like as intimately as you get to know a partner, a person, when you're starting to date them, you know, you want to know everything about them. You like are Google stalking them. You're looking them up on Instagram, you're checking out their ex-girlfriends like we do that stuff so intensely. We put so much energy into that. If we took energy and put it into ourselves, that would be the very first step into leaning into all the things.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • What was Regina's journey? What led her to do the work she does today?
  • How did Regina decide what she was going to do next after practicing law? 
  • Why is it important to get clear on the next step? 
  • What are some things that Regina does today that creates space for soulful expansion?
  • How does Regina work with business owners around money mindset? 
  • How can we use our sexual energy to expand? 
  • How has Regina had to overcome societal conditioning? 
  • How has Regina leaned into creating a community? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "You get to just step into and live and, and flow in your wild woman, because the other part of you is never going away is so ingrained in you." Regina 
  • "Once I said, like, what am I going to do next? I started to create space for myself to figure out what did my soul really want to do? Why am I on this planet? What am I here to do? And I was like, I know that whatever is going to come up, we'll probably look completely different than what I'm doing now. And I trust that each step of the way I'll figure it out because I always figure it out." - Regina

Connect with Regina:

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K

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