Episode 37: Receiving abundance with Sam Harper

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2021

 Receiving abundance with Sam Harper

Kendall: Today I am introducing you to Sam Harper

Sam: Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I already know this conversation's going to be fire.  

Kendall: My intention of having you on the podcast is just to share your radiant light. All the energy that you bring to the planet is so fun. And I feel like my life has exponentially grown in fun and adventure and joy since we have really become friends. Welcome and thanks for joining us.

Sam: That just fills my heart so much and the same, like copy paste, you have filled my like knowledge and presence and holding space for me and being a sister in this tribe, I'm attracting into light and my realm right now. Am I just so grateful to have you, you know, it, it has not always been supportive, amazing women in my life. And so I'm just so grateful for you. Thank you just to be my friend. And thank you for having me here with your community today.

Kendall: Let's start off by talking about the power of community, the power of a tribe and really the power of women supporting each other. I think that this is a big thing that we face in our world of how women don't support women and it's always, there's always a lot of competition or jealousy or energy there. What has your journey been, to really value the support of other women?

Sam: The journey has been interesting because, um, I more recently, like in my own healing journey, kind of like came to this, understanding that I grew up kind of like an orphan. I had family, but I wasn't connected to family.  I'd always seek out friendships as my family and some of those friendships were here for a season and for a reason. And then other friendships have been very, very long lasting, but even in those like very familial kind of dynamics of like, we don't always get along or we call each other to the table and that doesn't go over so well. Then through college, like college was such a weird time. Oh my gosh. I graduated in 2007 from college and that was a totally different era than what's happening right now with women supporting women. Like it was so catty, so-so catty. The women supporting women thing was not happening then and so really like healing through those sister wounds and coming into now a completely different season of life and understanding of what it really means to support women and trusting women because I historically don't have a lot of trust with women, um, because they've done me wrong, you know, mommy issues.

It's taken me personally my own healing journey to really be able to step into community with women and trust that they support me. They love me. They want me to shine and it's just taken some time. It's taken some time, but now that I'm here and it took my own healing to like, I don't think I was showing up the woman I wanted to be back then either almost like this, fake it till you make it thing that is honestly like starting to phase out. You can't really fake it till you make it anymore. It's all about really showing up in your authentic being. And for me, I had to, I had to confront my own shadows and how it was showing up and that transformed how I showed up in communities with other women too. And is probably the past three years has been the most dynamic in what that looks like.

Because I know myself so much more. And so I know how to show up for other women and that's really what it's about. Like, you have to love yourself. I know that's so cliche, but like you really have to love yourself so that you can step into community and love on others. And then it's, then it's a beautiful energy exchange of like really lifting each other up. One of my tag lines and you'll hear if you follow me, you'll hear me say it all the time is I rise. You rise when I'm loving myself when I'm rising, when my vibes are high, so are yours. So it's taken, it's taken a long time to get here, but now there's no turning back

Kendall: It always is a journey, right. To get to this space and I think to get to the level of friendships that we have now has taken a lot of our own healing and a lot of our own journey to be able to see authentically of like the deep space holding of like, Hey, I broke up with my boyfriend and that guy and I need you to just hold some space and like, tell me that it's going to be okay to, Hey, I don't think you're showing up enough in business and you need to push yourself and launch this thing and do this thing that you want to do. And you've been talking about it. I just think it's so beautiful that we have such the depth, the authenticity, but I would love to know more about your journey of healing. And if you would share kind of the journey of what it's taken you to get to this place and how you now show up and shine your light.

Sam: The journey has been something else. So a little history, I was a therapist or as a trauma therapist and worked in behavioral health for about nine years before I transitioned into doing what I do now. And you know, my it's funny, my mom would actually tell me, like, why can't you just therapize yourself? And I'm like, it doesn't work like that. Like you need, you need to be an observer first and if you don't know how to be an observer of your own life, like you can't get out of it and you just need some help with that and other eyes on you, other insights to pull that out. And so for me, the journey, I feel like the journey just honestly been like a lifetime, but really, really deeply healing in the past three or four years, I was going through a divorce and you know, your entire life, not everybody goes through this through a divorce, but my life completely crumbled and I lost all support on the outside.

It was really this going through the wilderness alone for a period of time and really seeking out like, who am I now that I don't have this label as a wife and you know, all the attachments that come with that kind of lifestyle and really finding myself again. I went to therapy. I now  work with an energy healer twice a week. I've been working with him for almost two years now. I do deep meditation. I do breath work. I'm a sound healer, so I do sound healing for others, but I really get the benefits of that too. And I'm so grateful for that. It's been a lot of different methods of healing and right now I'm just very open to receiving all forms of healing.  I tell my clients this, and I tell anybody who's kind of going through their own healing journey is it's okay to go through the wilderness because that's when you'll find your inner light to make it out of the woods and, and be that beacon of light, like be your own light house, shine, shine the light on your own path because your path is going to look different from somebody else's.

coming into my own light is really learning how to trust myself and look at the shadows that come up and really lean into that and not just ignore them or push them under the rug or say, Oh, I'll get to that another time. Or I feel uncomfortable at that part of me, like, no, I'm all in. And that has been amazing for me. And it's brutal. I'm not going to lie it is hard but so, so worth it because now I feel like, you know, like I said, like the journey's always consistent. Like I don't feel like my healing journey is ever going to be over necessarily, but now I can do it with so much more grace and compassion for myself and that's when the light really continues to shine through even in difficult times.

Kendall: The moon is, has both dark nights and full moons and so you have to be able to see all the things. I love that there's so much depth to your journey because it, isn't just one thing. It's not one modality that gives us all of these awakenings. It's the journey of constantly evolving and growing and the work never stops. I was like, you know, there's so many times where you look at one shadow and you're like, man, I thought I healed that, but up here, it is again. Okay. I gotta dive back into it. I think that that's a beautiful way to step into all of the magic that you have. There's a couple of different ways we could go, but I really want to touch on one of the things that you do that is a beautiful way that you show up and really give that light back is as a sound healer. Let's talk about that part of your journey and how you show up, how you give that to the world and how it also affects and benefits you. 

Sam: I love sharing about sound healing because not everybody knows about it and it can feel like people are really looking for something new to go deeper. This is, it's such a beautiful way, a gentle way of awakening the body, opening up the body and having nonverbal ways of expressing energy. My first experience with a soundbath was at an event, a yoga event and the super rad surfer chick was playing a sound bath.  I didn't know what to expect. I didn't even know it was happening. And I was like hearing different frequencies. And one was scared me. It was like a deeper tone. And I was like, Ooh, what's that? That's kind of scary sounding. I'm like, that's interesting and then there was a bright, very vibrant sound.  I was like, Ooh, that one face really good. And it took me through this whole like emotional roller coaster.

Afterwards I left feeling really angry and I was like, Oh. Why am I angry right now? Like, that was such a beautiful experience, like what is going on? It was really that this pent up old energy really calcified and stuck in my body breaking up and surfacing and allowing it to release. I had been holding this resentment and anger for a really long time. Then that honestly was like the beginning of my own, like healing through and it really developed from there. I was like, I think I need to get a root chakra bowl for myself and so I got a bowl and played it for a long time. Then I was like, I think I need one for my throat to open up my throat and speak my truth and then I was like, Oh, and I really want my heart to be open.

And then before, you know, it, like I had a full set of 10 was really never to offer it to the public. He was really honestly to ground and to heal myself and continue my journey on my own. Then I started playing for my son for friends and neighbors. And then I learned that I, it was really interesting that I channel during sessions and it just drops in and I download so much and I can feel people's energy before they even come to me and Mitch, it's been so beautiful. I've been intuitive from a very young age, but this amplified that. I think your own healing journey, amplify those gifts that you have to. Now it's a full offering that I have, and it's really taking up. It's so beautiful and I can count on one hand, maybe the amount of times that somebody has left a sound healing without crying. I say that with pride because we are so pent up and locked up, that it's really difficult for us to allow ourselves to, to feel fully.

This is such a beautiful way of allowing your body to do the work without you having to fully understand all of it and really fill yourself with pure frequency, pure vibration, new energy, new life through sound beautiful is that I'm just like on cloud nine after a session, because the energy is like so much. It's so much, sometimes I'm like shaking, like vibrate. My body's literally vibrating after a session and it takes me some time to ground, but I love what I do so much. I just feel so honored to be a part of anybody's journey in healing, even if it's for an hour, for one session that I get to be a snippet part of that, it's amazing.

Kendall: Can you talk a little bit about how the frequencies resonate in the different chakras and how that can give some kind of intuitive wisdom that exists within our bodies that we may not consciously understand?

Sam: They're age aligned with the different chakras from root all the way to crown and each of them have a frequency that they play aligned with that Chakra and I always say to clients like you can't the bowls when I hit a ball and I start resonating it and it starts to sing and really expand. That frequency hits your body in such a way that your body has a visceral response to it. That's truth right there. You cannot fake that. I can't make it up. I can't force it to happen. You can't force it to happen. It just happens. And then from there again, goosebumps, and then from there, what happens is you might see different images come up, you might see different colors, come up, you yourself might have messages, come download.

Your body might have reactions where you tense up and then fully relax. I've had people feel like they're in a different universe altogether. Then people feel like they're glued to the ground and just so grounded. Whatever your body is needing we as humans, we're not super great at slowing down enough to listen to what our body's trying to tell us, but the bowls do a really good job of making that even louder. The whispers those little intuitive pings that you might get throughout the day that you don't pay attention to the bowls, amplify that and say, Hey, pay attention to me. Let's say your heart chakra, right? Like your heart might start beating really fast. And then you're like, Oh, wait a second. Is that an exciting feeding of status? Or is that feel like anxiety? And where's that coming from?

It starts to really unfold and you just can't make it up and every sound bath is different. What your body needs and where you might be blocked and how the energy is sitting in your body is different every single time. Like I said, you don't have to put words to it. That's probably the biggest key is like, you don't have to understand all of it. You just have to allow it to flow through you. The practice of embodiment slowing down and listening to what your body is trying to tell you. It's usually those first words that come to mind, like I feel scared. Oh, okay. What do you feel scared about? And then you can start having inner dialogue with these pings of information. That's when some really beautiful healing starts to take place is that you don't have to overthink it. It just comes naturally.

Kendall: That ability to amplify the inner pains and the quiet whispers is a really, really powerful tool. I know that my sessions with you have been a number of different experiences where it's like cracked me wide open, or that it's also like very much grounded me. So I just think it's a beautiful way when we start to look at embodying what we're feeling is making space to lean into those fields to really start to say, okay, what is that? And as you said, we so often second guess ourselves where we're like, Oh, I'm scared. No, I couldn't be scared. Right. Am I really scared? But that is actually that intuitive wisdom that exists in the body. So when we can just get curious about those different feelings and say, okay, where are you coming from? How long have you been there? What, like, what do I need to know about this? What is this lesson that is existing within me? That's where we get so much wisdom. As you said, we don't even have to necessarily know all the details, but the healing can kind of just happen on its own journey too. 

Sam: Yes. Sometimes without, or without articulating words, the body just knows what to do is the beautiful thing with our bodies know how to heal. Our bodies, know how to keep us safe and protected. Our bodies have just such the wisdom that it doesn't have to have words attached. Sometimes those words just aren't enough.

Kendall: I love twhere we're going with this idea of wisdom that exists in the body, because I think that it's, that's the key that when we can drop out of the mind and into the body, we get to experience so much more. I know you have a couple of experiences in your life that give you a lot of clarity about wisdom in your body. Would you feel open to sharing how you connect with the wisdom of your own body?

Sam: I'll take you on a little bit of a journey the first time, maybe the first, the first time I really listened, I'll say it, that I was 20 years old and I was diagnosed with cancer, but I knew that I had cancer before I even went to see a doctor. I just knew deep in my bones. I went to work that day and told my boss I have cancer. And she was like, Oh my gosh, did you see a doctor? I'm like, no, I'm going to go to a doctor soon. But I know. And she, she thought I was crazy. She was like, Oh no, you're just hypervigilant and I was like, no, I know. It was because my body, my intuition was saying, something's wrong physiologically. Honestly, like nothing was actually wrong. Like nothing was changing in my body. I just felt it.

Luckily I advocated for myself. Had I not advocated for myself, I wouldn't be here to tell the story. I would definitely be dead but it's these little inner pings of information and nobody has to understand it. Like my boss didn't understand it. The first time I went to see the doctor, she blew it off. It wasn't until maybe six months later that I came for a follow-up appointment that I really, really advocated for myself and spoke up for what I knew to be true inside. And that's what saved me. And there's been so many times like that. That was just the most significant one that I want to point out. But there's been other times too, when you know, I'm driving and my body will say, don't go that way, go the other way and it doesn't make sense to go the other way. But now I listen because my inner guidance has saved me. Then boom, there's a car accident that other direction and that could have been me. I just encourage everybody can really listen to what your body is telling you. It doesn't have to make sense, but it will guide you in the perfect order in which it's supposed to. 

Kendall: I think the more that we can slow down and make space to feel that like you have had a beautiful connection with your body and, you know, to be 29 years old and to trust yourself on that level is a lot. That's one of the things that makes you so incredibly courageous and strong and brave and how you show up and just how you live life. Like, that's why you're all in is because you have lots of experiences in your life that have resonated with you on a deeper soul level to say, this is how you have to be all in. I think for people who are listening and then they're just starting to say, well, there's no way I would be able to get to that level of intuition or not be there right now.

I think it's just making the space to intuitively trust. I think when you can ask the question of like, okay, I want to, you know, drive to dinner and I want to go a different way. Like I want to fully trust my intuitive guidance. Please give me guidance of how to go to dinner this in a new way and leaning into that. But then being able to ask for clarity of like, okay, why did I go this way? What was I supposed to see? What are those signs along the way? And when we can start to lean into that intuition, then we'll start to see things and recognize. I just gave us an example of like, Hey, it's two 2:22, this is all resonating. Like there's so many signs that can help give that confirmation for us when we're starting to trust our wisdom that exists in our body and that's a really powerful way for us to start to expand the capacity that we have to exist as human beings and to really expand our light and our radiance and our presence and our energy with others. I think that that's a beautiful example. As we're talking about expanding and getting into our full presence and full awareness, you have massively up-leveled to an expanded this year. You're looking a lot at expanding in all areas of your life. How have you really stepped into that space of receiving all that the world is providing for you?

Sam: It's been such a crazy year for everybody. Of course, you know? I decided early on a year ago, early on that I am tired of waiting for things to happen. I'm going to just do it. I'm going to go all and, and do you know what I'm going to throw a lot of things at the wall and let's see what sticks. A lot of it started with self-love, you know, the journey of self-love and knowing that I'm worthy enough. I am enough to go after my wildest dreams and desires and my wildest dreams and desires is just scratching the surface. There's so much more beyond where I'm even at right now. The leaning all in has been trusting the process, trusting my intuition, not over analyzing and thinking too much, but just moving through it, you know, moving through the messy and just saying, I'm here for it.

That really came in in, like you said, an expansion and a lot of different ways. Like I got out of a relationship because that relationship was not serving me any longer and my business leaning into more sound healing, because that was what was organically coming and saying, like, I'm going to say yes to this. I'm going to say yes to what the universe is bringing me. It's been so abundant and so beautiful and throughout that process of growing my business, I really had to trust a lot of other people to, to help me. Historically I've not been one to really ask for help. I've been wildly independent. I think that served me for a greater part of my life, but now I'm in a completely different season of life and welcoming people into help and support and cast light onto me too.

That expansion has been so beautiful in receiving the gift of love from other people and help from other people. I think it was probably been like the past month and a half where I've been super intentional on receiving. I'm going to allow myself to finally receive in all capacities of life. I'm going to make myself available to receive opportunities, to receive love, enjoy, and play in spot and maybe, and friendship and laughter and finances and everything I could possibly receive. I'm going to receive. Anybody who's listening. I dare you to say those words, I'm going to allow myself to receive because then the flood gates start to open and it's been so incredible and a lot for my heart to like opening my heart up to receive. You've been a really big part of that journey for me, and like allowing myself to receive love and support and connection and friendship and most importantly, deep vulnerability. I thought that I was vulnerable. I was not as vulnerable as I thought I was until most recently, like this past year, I really got very vulnerable and decided to show up in that when you show up in all of the mass and you allow yourself to receive in that messiness is when things really start to explode in such a beautiful way. So it's been a wild ride and it's been scary, so scary, but expanding is scary. For anybody who's listening, who is on the expansion journey, like, it doesn't mean that it's always fun and it always feels really good. Sometimes it feels really, really scary, but keep going.

Kendall: That's one of the things I love about our connection is that we can move through the really messy and that scary, vulnerable stuff, to be able to be like, okay, I know this is making me more expansive and being able to hold so much more and it's like, we don't do this work to feel good all the time. If you want him to feel good all the time, you would probably not do all this work. I just think that it's such a powerful commitment to say, like, I am open to receive abundance in all ways I'm ready to receive, like here, I'm not going to block myself. I think that that's, something that we do unconsciously, as you said, when we first, when you first started talking about your journey, it's like, you have to have, you have to be the observer, have somebody to call you out to be like, how are you blocking abundance? If you want more abundance, how are you getting in your own way? Being able step into that space is so beautiful and so powerful. Just starting to say the words set, the intention will allow the energy to flow and then get curious and say, okay, how am I allowing this to actually move forth and come to me?

Sam: I think that moving through integrity with yourself, that's been a really big lesson for me because in the past, I don't know if I necessarily was going through things with integrity. I would like tell myself a different story, you know, to try and like ease the, ease, the journey, ease the path, ease the pain, like minimize some of my experience. But when you, when you, when you tell yourself, like I'm going to do this with the utmost integrity, and then you have people who are in your circle, who keep you accountable to that integrity, that's the game changer right there. That full expression of authenticity. That's how we show up with each other. Like we can, we can be like, Hey Kenny, that's, you're not, you're not on your path girl. Or you make Sammy, what are you doing over there? And we see each other and we can see when we're stepping out of that integrity of our authentic beings. It's just been such a priceless gift to have you alongside me and me alongside you to hold space and to college other to the table, for that expansion and growth because you really can't do it alone.

Kendall: As our good friend, Lindsey Schwartz, says you're not meant to do life for business alone and I think that that is so true. You know, wherever you're at in your journey know that at your wildest desires, as you said, are just scratching the surface. Like you don't even know the abundance that is meant to come into your life. If you're like, Oh no, like that house, I would never be able to afford that house. that. Like, you gotta step into that energy to be able to say, this is what I want. This is what I desire. This is what I deserve because we are so worthy of abundance. You know, the more we can show up in a tribe, I rise, you rise. And so the more that we all succeed, the more that we get to do it together. I am so honored to have you on the journey. Tell us a little bit about what are some of the ways besides your beautiful sound baths, what are some ways that you like to show up and support people for people who want to connect with you or work with you on a deeper level?

Sam: I do executive coaching also. If you, you know, this is for the people who've done some therapy, who've listened to the podcast, who've read the books, you've done all this stuff who are in positions of leadership, who are wanting to go deeper. But the tag for that is I bring the wound to the corner office and so really creating some of more of the energy work and how to show up as an authentic leader and how to have a trickle down effect so that you are showing up in your full, highest version of yourself. Then how that really is able to expand your companies and what you're building in your projects. Executive coaching, if you want one-on-one coaching, I am available and accepting clients right now for that. I also am going to be working on it's in the process right now. It's not released yet, but stay tuned because I'm going to have a membership for virtual soundbites, for those people who don't have access to a sound healer in their city and their state anywhere nearby. I want this to be available to people in rural areas who are wanting to learn how to integrate energy work, and it's just not so available. Member of virtual membership is coming for that. Then my podcast is going to be launching at the end of the month called journey to alignment. That is more, we'll be talking and learning about other people's journeys because everybody's journey is totally different. Like I mentioned earlier, I can give you a step-by-step but of my journey, but it's not going to be the same for you. I just want to shed some light on kind of the messy action that it takes and maybe other people's methods and how they came into alignment for themselves and what that journey looks like and give people hope that wherever you are, it is perfectly time you're right on time. Keep your eyes and ears open for that. I'm so excited. Like you said, things are expanding right now, like nobody's business. So I'm so excited. You know, this is, this is just the beginning. There's so much more to come. So I'm just excited to be giving people more access to me and to what I bring with my gifts.

Kendall: You bring so much and we are so, so honored to have you. So thank you for joining us today and thank you to our guides for holding the space and this container and this beautiful flow of energy.

During today's episode we talk about:

  • How can you value and support women?
  • What journey has led Sam to do the work that she does today? 
  • How did Sam get into sound healing? 
  • How do the frequencies resonate in the different chakras?
  • What can you expect from a sound healing?
  • How does Sam connect with the wisdom of her own body?
  • How has Sam stepped into the space of receiving all that the world is proving for her?
  • How does Sam support people through executive coaching? 

Memorable Moments:

  • "It's taken me personally my own healing journey to really be able to step into community with women and trust that they support me...It's all about really showing up in your authentic being and for me, I had to, I had to confront my own shadows and how it was showing up and that transformed how I showed up in communities with other women too." -Sam
  • "I just feel so honored to be a part of anybody's journey in healing, even if it's for an hour, for one session that I get to be a snippet part of that, it's amazing." -Sam
  • "Sometimes without, or without articulating words, the body just knows what to do is the beautiful thing with our bodies know how to heal. Our bodies, know how to keep us safe and protected. Our bodies have just such the wisdom that it doesn't have to have words attached. Sometimes those words just aren't enough." -Sam

Connect with Sam:

In light, in love, and in gratitude, K


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